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My ear piercing horror story: why you should never be pierced with a gun

Well, it all started about two years ago when I decided to get my ears pierced. I was walking in the mall with my dad because I told him I wanted to get my ears pierced. So, we were looking for an ear piercing store when we saw a sign in a little store that said 'Free ear piercing with a purchase of earrings'. That horrible store was called Claire's.

So, being the idiot that I was, I told my dad that it seemed like a good offer. So he said OK and we walked in there and my dad told the lady at the desk that I wanted my ears pierced. She said OK and told me to pick out some earrings. I picked these titanium studs with a blue stone in them. I'm not sure what gauge they were but I think they were like 20 or 18. So anyway she told me to sit on this chair that was at the corner of the store with a window next to it so everyone could see me being pierced. So I sat in the chair and was starting to get nervous with the thought of a sharp needle going through my ear. Ha! I never knew how wrong I was.

The lady got the earring out and placed it into the gun. She wasn't even wearing gloves! She just quickly wiped the tip of the gun with some disinfectant pads or something that she claimed was "sterile". She then wiped my ears with the same thing and asked me where I wanted to be pierced. I said on my lobe and we figured out a spot and she marked it and asked me if it was OK. I said yes so then she put the gun up to my ear and counted "one . . .two . . . three!" and pulled the trigger. There was a startling sort of loud click and then it was over. Then she did the other ear exactly the same way.

Now, I was right, it did hurt. And that was because little did I know at the time that the studs are dull and they rip through the skin and thats why they hurt like HELL! Anyway, when she was done, I got down from the chair and my dad paid her and she just told me to turn the earrings once a day and put this liquid stuff that she gave me on it twice daily. So said OK and my dad and I left happy. . . at least for a little while.

That night it started to burn and get red. I thought nothing of it because "all piercings do that". So I put the medicine on and went to sleep. Everything was going fine for the first few days. Then on like the 4th day, I got these crusties and pus was coming from the hole. I tried to take the crusties off, but it hurt really bad when I tried to so I just put some more of that "medicine" on and left it alone.

When I tried to turn the earrings, it hurt VERY badly and the pus just came more. My ears were by this time red and sore. So my dad and I decided to take the earrings out. The butterfly backing was stuck on the post and the crusties dried onto it so it hurt when you tried to pull the backing off. My dad and I were getting worried by now so we called a doctor and scheduled and appointment.

I forgot what the doctor said, but she had to remove the earrings. She put on gloves and told me to close my eyes. She finally pulled them off. GOD DID IT HURT SO BAD! She gave me some real medicine to put on it and then we left. The infection cleared up and I was happy. But then after like six months, I wanted my ears pierced again. My dad and I just thought that I had the infection because I'm allergic to the titanium, so this time we tried 14 karat gold. We went to another Claire's, and the procedure went exactly the same: I picked out the jewelery, sat in the chair, the lady gave the gun and my ears a quick wipe, marked the spot, and presto! You have pierced ears.

She gave me that liquid stuff again and we left. I was a bit nervous at the time that I would get infected again, but confident that I just had an allergic reaction. So, I went home and the same burning sensation occurred, but I thought nothing of it. So I cleaned it and turned it and then the crusties appeared again. They hurt as much as last time and they stopped the earring from being turned and the backing from being removed. So, my dad and I decided instead to resort to the doctor first, we should resort to Claire's.

We showed the lady what happened to my ears and she just said to keep cleaning it and to not touch it. She tried to take it out without gloved hands and didn't succeed. So we left and I did what the lady told me to do. I should have never listened to her because instead of seeing a doctor and preventing from further damage being done, I just cleaned it and didn't touch it. Then the pain was really intense so I decided to take a closer look at it and saw that the back had been embedded into my skin. I started to freak out and my dad called the doctor and we went over there again.

This time the pain was worse. They had to cut out the backing and pull it out. I regretted getting my ears pierced. So I took the medicine I was supposed to take and went home. It healed alright, but then yet again it seemed I hadn't learned my lesson as I wanted one final chance at getting my ears pierced. So we went to another Claire's and this time I got 'nickel-free sensitive skin' earrings. She pierced me again and then the burning was back along with the crusties and pus. And not to mention the pain! This time, I did not want to go through the same experience to I took it out the next day.

I have never got my ears pierced there again and hope never to be. Because later I found out on the web just how dangerous piercing guns really are. The studs are dull and tear violently through your skin, like I said before. The gun is often dirty and has been used on many others. Often, the stud is pierced at an indirect angle, so it goes through crooked and wrong. The piercer does not wear any gloves and sometimes doesn't even wash their hands. The backing is put on too tight, allowing for very little or no air to come in and the fluids to come out. This traps them inside along with bacteria, and then you have a wonderful, painful infection.

So I learned my lesson the hard way. Never, EVER have a piercing done with a piercing gun. It will only get you into a lot of money-spending, time-consuming, pain-having problems. Always be pierced by a professional who knows what they're doing. Make sure they're clean and the needles are sharp and sterilized. I hope you learned the moral of my story: Never be pierced with a gun! It will only bring you trouble.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 2002
in Ear Piercing

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