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Is that a straw?

s were first pierced when I was very young, against my will, I assume, because my parents wanted to pierce they're daughter's ears. I don't really understand why parents do this. My baby ears were gunned at the mall, and needless to say, they were constantly bloody and infected. No fun at all. So my parents let them close up (I was too young to make any of my own decisions). When I was in second grade, I decided that I wanted them pierced again, so my mom took me to the mall (big no-no right there) and I got re-gunned. I was so happy. Those were very well behaved, and healed nicely, despite the fact that they were done by a gun. When I was in fifth grade, I wanted to have a second hold done. None of my friends had it done at the time, so I wanted to be different. It took a while for me to convince my parents, but eventually they gave in...and back to the mall we went. This time they got infected (big surprise there) but I wanted them so bad that I didn't care. So after a few weeks of applying thirty tons of triple antibiotic ointment, I was fine. After several years I found BME and saw the beautiful stretched lobes, and I decided right then and there to start stretching. I basically just kept putting bigger things in my lobes, because I really didn't know how else to stretch. I got some really cheap (and cheaply made - remember you get what you pay for) fixed bead earrings for my four holes, that were about 16 or 14ga. It was a bit uncomfortable, but it could be because the ring edges were not smooth and round. When those were successfully in, I was happy. And I thought I was done stretching. Until I saw a toothpick. What posessed me to put it through my ear I will never know, but I did. I didn't hurt a lot compared to what I would do in a few months. So now my lobes were at 12ga, with toothpicks in them, but I wanted jewelry for them. So I went to a local Hot Topic, and looked around. I saw some really cute 12ga captive bead rings, and was going to buy them until my sister convinced me to get the 10ga captive bead rings. "10ga isn't that much bigger than 12ga", she said. So I hesitantly bought the 10ga earrings. Getting them in was a bit of a struggle, but one hour and a few drops of blood later, the were in the first holes. I decided to leave the toothpicks in the second holes for the time being. And so again, I thought I was done stretching. Until I saw some most awesome 8ga blue plugs. Oh, 8ga can't be that hard to get to, can it? So I bought them, and stretched. The plugs went into the first holes, and the 10ga captive bead rings went into the second holes. That stretch went well, I must say. They hurt just a bit for a few days, but then they were happy. Eventually, I got another pair of 8ga plugs for the second holes, since I liked the look of the plugs. Once again, I thought I was done stretching. I was totally convinced I was done stretching. The thing is, no one had told me how addictive it was. That's ok, though, I probably wouldn't have believed them, even though I showed "signs" of being "addicted". Just a month or so after I went to 8ga, I decided I liked flesh tunnels. I wanted flesh tunnels. I wanted to go to a 2ga or so. And I didn't want to wait. I knew I should go slowly, one gauge at a time, but for some reason, I didn't. So one day, without really thinking about it (obviously I wasn't thinking)I took a drinking straw, folded the end a bit, and shoved that mofo right in. Yes, it hurt. Very much. I almost screamed, but somehow managed to keep quiet. Then I did the other ear. that hurt too. Ouch. I showed them off to everyone, and they all cringed. No one could believe what I had done. This shy little girl has STRAWS in her ears! What a fabulous conversation piece. After about a week, they were no longer grumpy. I was happy.

Right now, I have 2ga flesh tunnels, but I can't quite get them in because the straw is slightly smaller than 2ga. I have just ordered some 4ga earrings that I will probably wear for a while. I have the "flesh tunnel" effect right now, and it still shocks people. The second holes still have the 8ga plugs in. I don't think I'll be stretching anymore, but that's what I always said before. It doesn't really matter though, as long as I can make people cringe. I love scaring all these sheltered people. :)


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on: 17 Nov. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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