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eople are way into getting unusual piercings, and I was mainly concerned with getting a really wacky one, but also one that didn't have a lot of dangers associated with it. I didn't even really know much about conch piercings until I saw my good friend's one. It was really awesome. For some reason, this piercing is pretty rare compared to other one's I've seen. I can't imagine puncturing a hole in one's tongue and possible killing some nerves or whatever, but this one didn't seem too dangerous. And for about 4 years I've wanted tragus piercings, but I had heard some controversy about possible losing one's hearing so I definitely knew I couldn't do that. I immediately decided that I had to have one too. The surgical procedure involved a safety pin, a cup o noodles styrofoam container, water, a microwave and some earrings, oh and me. I boiled some water in the styrofoam cup and stuck the safety pin and earrings in. I rubbed my ear with peroxide and rubbing alcohol and tried really hard to stick the safety pin in. It hurt pretty bad even with ice, but it was nothing until I did the other ear without ice. The process took about 30 minutes for each ear and it is very difficult to stick a safety pin through your ear cartilage, by the way. I WOULD DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMEND THIS to people who hate pain, or hurting themselves. I just wanted a that piercing pretty bad and hate to spend money on it. after the piercings, your ears get really really tender. Whenever someone would hug me, and even touch my ears, I would cry out in pain. If someone hugged me hard, I would burst into tears. That region is extremely sensitive. They still bleed a lot and you really need to clean them off and apply bacitracin. It's also impossible to sleep on your side for about two weeks. Basically, I am glad to have them b/c people stare and wonder what they are. I just like looking at them, but didn't realize how much pain and effort went into them. Questions???? Q: Why did you pierce something like that yourself?? A: b/c I am a cheapskate and already had done piercings on myself Q: What makes you want to pierce yourself??? A: b/c I am a cheapskate and also don't trust other people very much. I figure I'd rather take it slower and safer Q: WHat other piercings have you done to yourself? A: two extra holes in each ear, and naval piercing Q: What happened with the naval piercing? A: Well, that is a story in itself! That was a bad experience, and I would definitely not recomend doing that to oneself. This also involved an earring, a lighter and a thin needle. This whole procedure lasted an hour and I was crying. I finally just took the needle out b/c it hurt so bad. First, I sterilzed the needle and earring and then rubbed the naval with peroxide and rubbing alcohol. Then, I started to stick the needle in, which definitely hurt a lot. For some reason, the more I tried to stick it in, the more it seemed to stick and not want to budge. It really tightened up my abdominal muscles and made me feel really sick and achy. It was a very sensitive area to pierce. I managed to get the needle most of the way in, and then just stuck the earring in the rest of the way. I had it almost entirely in but for some reason it would not go all the way thru so I could close it. I was very frustrated and in a ton of pain. I just pulled the needle out and rubbed bacitracin on it. The next few weeks were painful. It got red and pus-filled and finally grew out. It was way too shallow of a piercing and should not have been done with an earring. I vowed never to pierce it again. A few months later, I got it professionally pierced. It was very painful, but also very quick! It is still healing after 2 months, but I am very pleased with the results. I have a curved barbell hanging out in there. The piercer used sterile technique and did a great job!!!! They are: Artistic Creations, located on Rte 50 in Salisbury MD! Q: What piercings are next for you? A: Hmm, good question. Maybe something under the bra . . . Maybe something involving my tongue- I'd love a tragus piercing but don't want to go deaf! I would also love a lip ring- a very tiny one but am not sure I'd get a job easily if I have that b/c some people judge you based on your appearance. Q: What are some things to think about before piercing your conch? A: check out the piercer. Find out by asking people who have body piercings. The piercer should open up the utensils in front of you and throw them away in front of you. The room should be sanitized and the piercer should wear sterile gloves. DOn't be afraid to ask what sterile technique they use. Also, autoclaving is the only sterile method!! And don't hesitate to leave if it's the slightest bit anxiety provoking. Most places have you pay afterwards. This is your body and not worth getting an absess, or hepatitis, or AIDS over. There are bunches of places for opportunity.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Nov. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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