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The rook and my tounge fantasies

m the typical 15 year old female. I wanna be different. For years now I've wanted to get my tounge pierced bad. I kept asking and asking my mother if she would let me and she would say,"Hell no!" Those exact words. Well one day I finally had the money ($50) and I had one of my 18 year old friends take me to the Hip Pocket. I went with another friend also. We got there and I signed the papers and everything. She read my name and said my stepdad had been in there a couple of days before and he said not to let me do it. I was soo pissed. My friend who was with me was getting her nipple pierced. She went ahead and got it done. Then I was like I've got to get something pierced. That's the way I am. I have 6 piercings in my left ear and a belly button ring. I want so many more. So I thought about getting my rook pierced. It sounded great to me. I sat in the chair and she put on gloves and all that jazz then I heard the worst sound in the world. I mean yeah, I have cartilage piercings and I know what it sounds like but this was like thick cartilage. It was the awfulest sound I have ever heard in my life. It hurt a little but nothing I couldn't handle. I wanna get another now. I finally got my mom to say yes to getting my tounge pierced when I get grounded for my grades and she says no again. I was so mad. I'm contemplating doing it myself. I think I could handle it. I've been reading articles on it and stuff that I found in BME. I rarther have a pro do it. I just have this obsession of a barbell in my tounge. My life goals will be fulfilled when I finally get it done. I'm a bit scared though. I'm scared I might hit that nerve in my tounge. I've been looking at other people's tounge to see wher the barbell needs to be. Anyways, that day I went to get my tounge pierced my friend was getting her nipple pierced. I had also been contemplating doing that too. I was watching her back as the lady was piercing her. I didn't know that she was going to use a needle on her nipple. I did most of my ear piercing myself and I just used a stud. Well as she was piercing her I had to hold myself and cringe. It was painful just thinking about it. Now my friend tells me that her nipple is a lot more sensitive than the other one. She says she's going to go get her other one pierced too. Good luck to her. When I was going to get my rook pierced, I didn't know she was going to use a needle on it. That sucker was huge!! I was gripping the chair I was in really really tightly. I think I felt myself turn green for a second. I asked the lady if I could cry and she's like if you need to. I didn't think I was going to and I didn't. I'm not really a wuss when it comes to pain it's just the fact that I heard the cartilage cracking. The guy that took me there told me afterwards that he had heard it from the front of the store. Yuck. I had also heard it bleeding when it started to bleed. Funky stuff. I loove piercings and I want to get my tounge done soo bad, my nose, maybe the bridge of my nose, and I'm thinking maybe my clit someday. I don't pierce my right ear at all. It's only got one hole. I've got a bad experience with it. It gets infected a lot more than my left ear but I don't know why. I pierced it myself once over the summer and my neck got swollen and my throat hurt a lot. I must have hit something. Anyways, my mom took me to the hospital. They said I had an infection and that it could spread to my limphnodes or something like that. They gave me a shot in my ass. It scared me to death because I HATE shots. I love piercings but not shots. I was ok. I'm thinking about putting some holes in my right ear. Maybe I will. I mean what have I got to lose? ( my ear maybe) I think I will because my ears need to be evened out. It would look a lot better. I would definately have to get a rook in my right ear too. I'm thinking industrial now too. I'm obsessed and I don't wanna stop!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Nov. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: a+chic
Studio: Hip+Pocket
Location: Ardmore+Oklahoma

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