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Tragus Infection

t friend at university was going through a tough time because she had just broken up with her boyfriend of one year. In order to get back at him, she wanted to get the navel piercing that he had always asked her to get. I think she really wanted it too. So I wanted to go with her, and I had been thinking about getting my tragus pierced. I think it looks really unique. I had my cartilage at the top of my ear pierced with a gun a few years ago, which didn't work out because of infection, so I was skeptical. We chose the Nighthawk Tattoo place because there were only two places within walking distance (we are poor university students with no cars), and the other place wanted us to make an appointment, and Nighthawk was simply walk in and wait. Besides, for a tragus piercing it was $15 cheaper. We got to take a look at the supplies and stuff and it looked really clean and professional. My friend and I were able to go in together, which I thought was awesome, for support. Of course she made me go first. I guess I don't overthink what my mom might say, or what people will think when I go for a job interview. Piercings are so common now that I can't justify being nervous about what other people might think. So that leaves me to be afraid of the pain, which I know will only last for a second. And besides, that's the best part, because when people notice that I have my tragus pierced they ask if it hurt, and when I say yes, then they think I am oh so brave! It turned out that because the piercer used a needle, it only hurt for a couple minutes. I couldn't believe how hot my ear immediately became. This just meant that my body was noticing the wound. The piercer was really great because he could see that I was nervous right before he did it. He asked me to focus on my breathing as he pushed the needle through. I heard no noise as others have talked about in their experiences. What really helped was grabbing on to his counter right in front of me (he let me sit up). Then as I was feeling the most pain I noticed a poster with various types of jewelry on it. One of the pieces was called "nipple-knockers", which I thought was the funniest thing at the time. Nipple knockers are these bars which go through the nipple with a sort of horse-shoe that attaches and goes around the front of the nipple. They look so uncomfortable to me. My friend was in the room with me, and I made her look at them. I laughed so hard! (Sorry to you who sport these "nipple-knockers"!) Just looking at that poster helped me get through those few seconds. After that, there was nothing to do but be there as support for my friend. I just kept telling her to look at the nipple knockers and made jokes about how I thought I would get those today too!! The piercer said that he had never had anyone ask for them. He thought they were funny too I guess. I took really good care of it, using dial soap and bactine a million times a day. It was sore for about two weeks, and then I noticed that there was a pronounced area that was swelled up surrounding my piercing, and even all the way down to my jaw line. This scared me, because I had heard things about the infection going into the ear and even worse. My boyfriend convinced me to go to the doctor, and I did reluctantly. I really thought the doctor would think I was an idiot. She suprisingly just said that she had seen many things much more odd. Anyway, her words of advice were three things: 1)take it out (get the piercer to), 2)go on a round of antibiotics (she put me on novocloxin), 3)soak the area with a solution of salt and water. The only step I actually followed was #2. I really wanted to keep the piercing, so I tried out the antibiotics. They got rid of the infection (or at least the swelling). Overall, the healing took me over a month. Now, nearly two months later I can sleep on that ear, and move it around freely, and I only clean it every few days in the shower with whatever soap is around. Now I think that I may get the cartilage pierced at the top of that same ear, but this time with a needle instead of a gun. Maybe it's not the smartest thing I've ever done, but I think it looks cool, and I get compliments on it all the time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Nov. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Studio: Nighthawk+Tatto
Location: Guelph

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