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My Deertag

my beloved deertag, my favorite piercing. I live in Louisville, Kentucky, and let me tell you, not much happens here!! Piercings are for freaks or those who wish to stay unemployed for a while. I like being different and unusual. Since I was 12 I've wanted to be impaled by a piercer's hand and cover my body with silver adornments. I have a few holes in my both of my earlobes but I wanted something better. Unfortuantely, I am only 16, so whatever piercings I have wanted to get have to go through my mom. I have probably tried every excuse and line possible to convince my mom to let me get piercings done but to no luck. I stumbled across the BME site one day and looked at all the ear piercings, the first one that really struck me was the inner conch, a.k.a. a deertag. I knew I had to get one. I pleaded and begged for about two months when FINALLY she agreed that I could get my deertag done as a late Christmas present. I was about to get my first piercing. I was thrilled to finally get it done. It was all I talked of that week and the next Saturday we went to a piercing studio where I frequented in town. I would hang out there after school sometimes, everyone knows me there, I was the young one who always watched the piercer's and how piercings where done, it fascinates me still. I sat in a chair and stared at the tattoo drawings on the wall. I thought about what was about to happen, I got more and more excited.I waited impatiently for my chance to get pierced. I picked out a simple 14g ring which I kind of regret now, I should've gotten a larger gauge. I sat attentively as my piercer carefully cleaned my ear and eplained how the piercing was going to happen. Real simple, it didn't need a clamp or anything so Doc said it would be over with quickly. I was watching everything so carefully, as if I was afraid he would mess up. I got a bit shaky but Doc was extremely nice so eventually I just sank back in the chair and waited for it to happen. Doc told me to inhale and exhale a few times then when I did the third time I felt the needle go through that deep cavern in my ear and I exhaled quickly. The pain was so quick it went away as fast as it had come, I looked in the mirror facing me and stared at the needle in my ear, I had really picked just the right spot to have it done. The crunching sound the piercing made was definately unforgetable but it is a sound I've gotten used to. As the jewelry was slid in I got the best arenaline rush I have ever felt, it was well worth the pain I think. I felt amazing and proud that I had actually done it. I looked in the mirror, saw my piercing and fell head over heels in love. At first I was afraid to touch it for risk of pain but eventually I loved the feeling of turning that big ring around. The healing process went really, really well and it was so simple, I cleaned it with Bactine three times a day and washed it with anti-bacterial soap in the shower and have still had no problems with it. Using Neosporin on this piercing was a big mistake that caused some pain that went away within two days, it just isn't nessicary. I have changed the ring to a 1/2 in. barbell which looks great and is alot easier to clean, it feels better too. I love the stares and looks of curiousity people give me when they see it and the stupid questions I get asked are different all the time, it's almost amusing. I'm still yet to see another person with a deertag but I keep looking, I hope I do sometime. I have since gotten three more ear piercings, I got both of my helixes done and my anti-tragus. I still want more, more, more....... I plan on making an industrial ( when I get the money....) by connecting my helix and deertag with a 1 1/2 in. barbell, my mom's not too crazy about that idea either but i don't really care. I have even decided to make piercing a career for myself someday, I think it is a beautiful art form. I want to see people like myself get that look of excitement like I did when I got my first piercing. Who knew one little piercing could influence me so much, my beloved deertag.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Nov. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Doc
Studio: Body+Art+Emporium
Location: Louisville%2C+Ky

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