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From my sister's nose to my ear.....

ter decided that she was FINALLY going to get her nostril pierced. She's been wanting to do it for a long time, but being in a fairly conservative job never actually took the plunge. And neither of us are kids -- she's 38, and I'm 41. She had been in the shop last weekend with a friend who was buying a new nose stud, and decided that this would be the weekend. Of course, I jumped at the chance to go with her and watch her get pierced. I have a bunch of piercings myself -- 19 as of right now -- and all are in my ears. I figured we'd go to the shop, I'd watch her get a spike shoved through her nostril, and then we'd eat lunch. 10;30 am. found us pulling up in front of Uytopia. Talk about a blast from the past - any of you other readers out there who are around my age will remember what were quaintly referred to as 'headshops'. Well, we walked into what felt like a time warp. Every conceivable form of incense and incense burner was available, along with a variety of Greatful Dead paraphernalia. Then I spotted a curtained off room with '18 and over only'on the curtain. Since I couldn't contain my curiosity, we both peeked in -- it was full of drug paraphernalia such as an assortment of bongs, and a lot of adult toys. So Utopia has something for every taste, whether you want a stained glass mossaic vase, a double - headed dildo, vinyl pants, incense powder -- you name it, they seeemed to have it. What they didn't have, though, was a piercer -- he starts at 1:00. Thus ended round one. Couple of hours later, we went back. My sister filled out the release and we waited while a woman got her tongue pierced as her two small sons waited. She was one of the rare people i've seen get woozy after a tongue piercing; while we waited for her to recover, my sister asked Allan something that had been on her mind. She has the family curse of really lousy sinuse and allergies and like me, is a virtual snot factory at times (sorry to be so gross, but there's really no other way to describer it) and wanted to know how the constant goo and nose blowing would affect a nostril piercing. He advised that she NOT get her nostril pierced -- with all the constant wiping and nose blowing, it would hamper the healing. 'Phooey' she said, and was about to leave when I suddenly piped up 'Wait a minute, we're not leaving here without someone getting something pierced'! I then decided that I was going to go ahead with something I'd been turning over in my mind for a while, and get my daith done. I alread have (had!) 11 earrings in the left ear, starting with the lobe and rising in a neat, graceful ladder up to the top of the ear. So I paid my money, picked out nice little brown and gold cat's eye bead for the ring, and settled down to wait. The piercing room was scrupulously clean, with a comfy doctor'stile bed to lay down on. I've never been pierced lying down before; my other cartiledge pierces were either (gulp) with a stud gun at the mall, or impulse buys at a tattoo parlor -- and those hurt like hell. Also, they were done before I found BME and knew what exactly to look for in a body piercer. As I was laying down, Allan was readying all the stuff he needed, and then proceeded to clean my ear. Then i found out -- no clamp! The location of the daith would make a clamp pretty tough. I wasn't disappointed; I remember how uncomfortable the clamps were the other times. I also remember the other cartilege piercings as being quite excruciating for a couple of minutes, so I was a bit nervous when he picked up the middle. "Deep Breath -- exhale' said Allan, and then he stuck me. Big surprise and relief -- HARDLY ANY PAIN!!! I was very pleasantly surprised; what a difference from the other times! Even inserting the jewelry and closing it around the bead was virtually pain free. I got up and admired my newly decorated ear in the mirror. My sister stared at it, and we both thought it was absolutely beautiful! And I was going on and on about how so little pain there was. Well, next thing we knew, my sister decided that my daith looked so good -- and apparently hurt so little --that she was going to get one herself. So it was off to the cash register again, time to fill out another release form, and it was my turn to watch. This time I got to see what was going on. He very carefully bent the needle into a semi-circle so it would work in the space. Next he took a receiving tube from an autoclave package and put it on the other side of the daith, and before you knew it, the needle was through, quicklyfollowed by the jewelry. This piercer had a very professional, gentle, sure touch. We both left with our beautiful new daith rings, a very comprehensive after care sheet, and a determination that if we ever got anything else pierced, we knew exactly who was gonna do it. It's been several hours, and absolutely no pain at all. And because the daith piercing is in such a sheltered area and isn't prone to getting banged around (Like the tragus piercing I was also considering), it should heal with verylittle discomfort, and won't get snagged on clothing. I absolutely love the way it looks -- it looks like it was made for a ring! It's kind of cute and sexy, and unusual but at the same time kind of tasteful and discrete. Who knows what's next? Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Allan
Studio: Utopia
Location: Hicksville%2C+L.I.%2C+NY

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