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Rook? Where's that?

rcings have been (as for a lot of people) marks of milestones in my life. Ears at 10, second holes at 13, third at 16, bellybutton after high school graduation. After each one, even before all the pain was gone, all I was thinking was where to get the next one. I recently ended a very long, very abusive relationship, and the first thing I thought about after moving out and moving on was how to mark the occasion. I really want a tongue ring, but with my job (I work for a VERY well known coffee company - the one that's on every corner - hint hint) I couldn't get any facial piercings, tongues included. I thought, nipples, maybe? But I am too much of a wimp for that. I started looking at cartilage piercings, but I wanted something a little different then what EVERY body seems to have where I am (the top of the ear). So after browsing, I decided the rook would be the best choice for me. So I did some research, thanks in part to a wonderful customer at my store that pointed me to BME, and decided to give it a month and see if it was what I really wanted. I ask a whole bunch of different people about their cartilage piercing experiences, and I hear a hundred different answers. Some people say it hurts like hell, others warn me of a very scary sounding "crunching noise" that really doesn't make me feel very secure. I went into the BME chat room to get other views, most people telling me to get it, but be fore-warned of the pain. I decide to think about it for a while. A friend suggests I get a basic, top of the ear cart piercing and see if I can handle the pain. Good idea at first, but I decide that it isn't worth the time, energy, or money to get a pierce I don't want, only to see if I can handle a pierce I really want. I decide that the only way I'll know is to just do it. Month goes by, I want it more than ever! I talk to my little sis in DC and she wants me to wait for another month so I can take her to get her bellybutton done when I get mine. (Aside: I'm now a "bad influence" on my sister because of that in my parent's eyes) I can't wait. I call Halo, which is the most reputable place in Tucson to get any piercings, make the appointment for the same day, and then I start to chicken out. My friend Terra, who was with me for my belly agreed to drive and be my moral support but not hold my hand (I almost broke it after the bellybutton incident!) I almost call three times to cancel. I do my breathing exercises, have some juice and crackers and lay down on my left side for the last time for a while. The piercing place is wonderfully clean, everyone is very professional, and more importantly, friendly. I try to be calm, but I am very nervous, excited and anxious. Kelsey answered all of my questions very patiently and we extensivley went over my cleaning regime (Provon twice a day - no turning the ring, no phone on my left side, etc.) Kelsey is done before I have time to panick, although she does tell me to slow down my breathing post needle, pre-ring. I was told I got very white and started panting. I got a Tootsie Roll for being a brave little trooper, and was sent on my way. I was so happy that I finally got it, that it barely hurt, and that it looks GREAT! It sits perfectly, and so far there has been no bleeding and minimal redness. I was practically jumping up and down in the parking lot (probably a little adrenaline, but hey, I was happy!), much to my friend's amusement. (Aside: Directly afterwards, we go get my friend's second lobe-holes - she wanted to share the moment!) So now I am now the most proud owner of a 16-gauge SSS CBR and I love it! I was expecting a lot more pain, and the fabled "Crunching noise" I heard no noise, and it actually hurt less than my bellybutton! (BIG surprise!) I went to a party afterwards, and everyone had something to say about it, mainly consisting of "WOW! that MUST have hurt!" or, "I've never seen that before!" or a combination of the two. It's been about ten hours, and it is just a dull ache, like a bruise. I'm sure it will hurt, but pain is temporary. I love it! I love the way it looks, I love that it symbolizes my independence and my sense of myself. I highly reccomend this piercing, and don't worry about what people say about the spot - if you want it, do it! You'll only be upset if you don't get what you really want.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Kelsey
Studio: Halo
Location: Tucson%2C+AZ

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