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my self ear piercings

rst time I got my ears pierced, I was about 4 or 5 or older. I got it done with a gun at the hospital or something and my parents said I was crying. Which I dont really remember concidering im so younge. After having my ears pierced for a couple years I took out the earrings and never put them back in, and the holes never closed up. In March or April('99) I saw that this grrl in my biology class had 4 holes in each ear. I asked her where she got them done and she told me she got her 1st and 2nd holes done at the mall and that she did her 3rd and 4th. As soon as I heard that it made me want more holes in my ears. Since im such a wimp for pain and tolerance it was hard for me to imagine piercing my own ears. But then I also thought multiple ear piercings looked really cool. So after that, it made me want more holes in my head...badly! The first thing I wanted to do when I got home was try and pierce my own ears. When I got home I went straight up to my room and got the things I needed ready. I got the largest sewing needle I could find, some earrings, alcohol, cotton balls, tweezers, eyeliner, 2 ice cubes, and a lighter. First, I went into the bathroom and marked up my ears with the eyeliner. I made them exactly how I wanted them (this took about 15 minutes trying to find the right spot). I cleaned the earrings with alcohol, held the needle with the tweezers and steralized the needle with the lighter for about 5 minutes. Then left the needle in a cotton ball with alcohol in it. Now came the procedure. I froze my left ear for about 10 minutes until it was completly numb. I took the needle and pushed it as hard as i could through my ear. It was hard to get it through so I pushed the other side of the needle agaist the mirror to help me get it through(sounds kinda weird, but its not). Finally, it pushed completly through and i was so happy. I left it there for a while and pushed it back and forth to make sure it didnt get stuck or something. I cleaned the earring with alcohol, pulled the needle through the back of my ear and stuck in the earring. I did the exact same thing to the other side, cleaned it once more with alcohol and i was done. It was awesome and i LOVED IT! After that, and the next day it didnt hurt a bit. The whole thing was painless, unless you think ice in painful.. After that it never got infected. My parents found out and my mom didnt care and said i did it better than the people at the mall could do. Yeah right! After that she just said "Dont do anymore", but i still wanted more! So I did more, two more in each ear! Since i knew exactly how to do it, this time it was a lot easier. My 3rd holes were probably the worse experience out of all of them. First of all it bled a little bit, and it was sore for about a week. But thats the worse thing out of everything that has happened. I now have 4 earrings in each ear which i dont regret doing at all. I'm just lucky that all of them never got infected, and I know now that the way I did it wasnt the best way. But I still LOVE the way my ears look. I have hoops in the first 3 holes and a star in my 4th. Its been about 2-3 months since I did my 4th hole and im still loving all my earings! Im always putting my hair behind my ears and put my hair up so that everyone can see my ears! I LOVE showing them off. And I love how people comliment me on them and ask me about it. I still want more ear piercings like the industrial thing and my tragus. I also did my own bellybutton which i will write about sometime. And on Christmas break im getting my eyebrow pierced PROFESSIONALY, which my parents finally agreed to. After that I still want soo many more piercings(2nd eyebrow, tongue, nose). I think im addicted to piercings already, and I only have my ears and bellybutton done! I know that this thing has probably been pretty confusing, but i tried my best to explain it. If anyone wants to know more about it, email me at [email protected] Ill try to answer everything i can. xoxo ~Sarah


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on: 05 Nov. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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