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Done myself

rted when i was 10 yrs old. My parents thaught i was too little to get my ears pierced any earlier. So when my 10th birthday rolledaround i was so excited to get my ears pierced. I was scared aswell though. To this day i can't even remeber if it hurt or not... so that's what made me want to get more done. I have 14 piercing to date, and I did approximately 5 of them myself. I have a rook... which i did myself not too long ago. It hurt for about 2 weeks and about 600mL of blood later... but i loved and still love the look. I have also have a tragus. I got that done a little store in the little town of Langley B.C for 25$ The only problem was she used a gun... and i have a really small chunk of cartilage sticking out. So she pirced it... wasn't satified.. so she yanked it out.. and did it again.. shuved the gun in my ear and boom. As i look in the miror.. blood running down my neck... i had a feeling of satisfaction fill me. Although it was a huge stud sticking out of my head.. i knew i could soon put a hoop in. I think my belly button is next... and i'm hoping maybr i can sqeeze a few more in on my ears. It's a lovely crunching noise as you're putting the needle through your ear (sorry don't mean to groos you out). The other 5-6 self piercings I've done hurt for soo long i couldn't sleep. So from then on i went to get them done professionally. After that i realized getting them done that way hurts just as much... so i figure save myself a few bucks.. and go get a safety pin :o) I have not yet had a problem with infection in any of my piercings so nothing has convinced me to not do it yet :) Every time i've done my own ear... I almost faint. In fact the day i got my lobes done when i was 10, and my mom was cleaning my ears... i fainted, and scared the out of myself. The only thing that keeps me going when i almost faint is the fact i keep repeating "it'll all be worth it" I admit, i'm addicting to piercing myself, but i love the look of them... i don't know... i guess i like the attention too when people see my piercings and say "holy! that looks cool" Because around here, it's rare to see anyone with more than their own 2 holes in their head. There's just one slight problem with almost all of my piercings and maybe someone can help..... I clean all 14 pieces of jewelry daily... but still I wake up in the morning with chunks of crusty crap behind all the backings of my earrings... so it's starting to become a pain in the ass cleaning that smelly gunky crap from my ears twice a day. I'm not allergic to any metals and i clean them with ear piercing solution not hydrogen peroxide or poly sporin (I know that's bad)... and it's not like my piercings are recent.... The last time i had the urge to decorate myself was about 3 months ago... and i've had some of my piercings for over 7 years... and they still go gunky. I'm not about to let them heal over for that simple fact either. If it's not cureable.. i'll live with it. Precaution: if you faint at the sight of blood, or puke when you see other people pick their noses... don't try it yourself. I'm 183 words short, which i think is dumb cuz i'm already rambling...but here goes. I wouldn't pierce MYSELF so much if the prices to get it done professionally weren't so dang high... but i'm not about to pierce my own tongue or something. Anyone know if there's a reusable self piercer or something?? cuz that'd be perfect for me!! can't wait to hear all your replies (if i get any) Is it possible to but just the piercing jewelry without the piercing? i have not yet foud a place yet. i almost prefer to pierce my own body myself because i know where i want what to go... and i know my own body. I forgot to mension. My first ever cartialge piercing was real *&^%$# up. It gave me migranes for 3 months until i let it grow over. And i got it done professioanlly too. It wouldn't heal at all and i was taking about 3 bottles of asprin a day. So there's my own proof that getting piercings done professionally isn't always for the better (In my case at least) and that was one of the main reasons i did my own piercings. All my piercings (geez i use that word a lot) are on my ears... 6 on my left with the tragus... nad 7 on my right with a rook... i can soon scan and send in pictures if that's ok. i want to be on this site too :o)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Nov. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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