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I'd do it again in a second

thought about getting my Tragus pierced for along time now and since this was a unique piercing (here anyway) I wanted it even more. So I decied on a day made the appointment made sure I had money and off I went.

I told my Mum that I was going to have my Tragus pierced, and she's always supported my piercings so up she came signed my forms and left me to it.

I told the so called piercer at the hairdressers what I wanted and they showed me some jewellery, I chose a plain surgical steel ring. I had to fill out a form because I was under age and while I was doing this the piercer told me how to clean the and care for the piercing, she also informed me that I had to wait 20 mins for the ring to be sterilised, This was the scary part.... all the waiting and anticipation, it drove me nuts but when they called me in I tryed to stay relaxed (being relaxed is important these things never hurt as much as you think). I had 2 friends there for support which helped me alot and they could see the whole procedure through the holes in the screen which was around me. I sat in this dentist like chair and waited a few minutes (that felt like forever mind you) while they prepped my ear wiping it with solutions and stuff. Next thing the piercer walked in with the forceps... now here's the painful part, she put the forceps on the piece of cartilage on started wrenching it forward it hurt a fair bit I though she was gonna pull the thing clean off the side of my head but all the while I was making faces in the mirror to my mates to take my mind off the pain. I suddenly felt a pinch and asked if she was piercing it she said yes it was all done :).. I couldn't believe it I thought it would really hurt when the needle went through but it didn't hurt not a single bit .. she popped the ring in which was rather fiddly so that hurt my freshly pierced tragus a bit then she wiped it with some alcoholic stuff then I walked out with a massive smile from ear to ear!! I was so happy that I went through with it, I haven't even had the slightest thought about regretting this piercing at all. I paid my $45 and left it bled a wee bit but only for a few minutes it did not hurt at all after the piercing. Cleaning this piercing is very easy I cleaned it with saline solution and diluted betadine for about 8 weeks 2-3 times a day to be sure.

It is my favourite piercing to this day.. I've had it for 6 months now and it is the only piercing that has given me no trouble what so ever.. I now have a groovy ring in it and I recommend it to anyone I'd have it done again in a second and I got such a rush from this piercing I'm considering having it done again :)

The only pain I experienced was a fraction of a second it's nothing, just like a pinch on the arm, I think in my case the forceps took away most of the pain. But think about it if this piercing was so painful no one would have it done. Sorry to ramble on crap about pain but I'm scared of it and it was the main factor for me when I decied to have this done. My second was hygiene which unfortunately I dipped out on, but my piercing is fine. I highly recommend finding a place you feel comfortable about and know that they are very hygienic as I consider hygiene to be the most important factor of all when getting pierced . My third and last major worry was getting an experienced piercer which again I managed to luck out on because my tragus was the first she had ever pierced which she told me afterwards and made me rather uncomfortable, so please make sure you find an experienced piercer who knows what they're doing.

If you are in the Mackay region I don't recommend Supercutz I was unhappy with the state of hygiene in there considering there is no actual piercing room and no way to keep all the piercing utensils away from the hair. And it's not very private as I believe and prefer my piercings to be personal.

But All in all this piercing is a must.. it's great to fiddle with and it looks so Great I've had so many comments about it. Please if your considering it don't think about it any more just go do it .. you won't regret it !!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions ..I'd love to answer any of them. Or ICQ me on 30366409.

Best Wishes Always and Happy Piercing.


    Louise  :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Nov. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: n%2Fa
Studio: SuperCutz
Location: Caneland+Shopping+Centre%2C+Mackay%2C+QLD%2C+Australia

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