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lobe piercing, and the pain caused by my stupidity

i've been dying for some piercings for a while... i remember i wanted my nose done in 3rd grade (of course, i had no knowledge of the procedure or anything). but, i'm only 15, and though my parents generally let me dress however i want, and do what i want with my hair (and i do, of course), they're somewhat conservative about piercing. so, after carefully breaking the subject, we figured it would be best if i started small and worked my way up, so to speak. so, i start with my lobes. i wanted it done cheap and quick (which i kind of regret, but it meant i didn't have to go into DC for a studio, which would have put mommy off a LOT), so i went to Claire's.
Claire's, as most of you should know, is a very girly little store that sells trendy girl things (i got to marvel at a pink Britney Spears inflatable chair during my wait), and does ear piercing also. considering how feminine this store is, i was surprised greatly to see two guys in front of me, also piercing ears... although, they were just doing one... well nuts to that, i say! i had to wait around a bit, as the store was fairly crowded, and only one person was working... so its my turn, finally. i looked at the jewelry available to me (yes, i was being gun pierced, so my options were limited), and selected some large looking studs, that actually look quite a bit like very short barbells. so staff lady explains things... since i'm (physically) male, i have to specify that i want both lobes done... and soon learned that its no cheaper to just get one (looks like i saved some cash compared to the other guys in front of me!). marks are made (with a purple marker, this becomes important later), and the gun is applied. no pain, really, just a sensation... "like something being done to my ears" is the only way i can describe it. for quite a while after it was done, i was scared to touch them... no real reason why. bizarre paranoia, i suppose. well, remember that purple marker? can you guess what it looked like afterwards? a big nasty bruise/infection thing! so, when i was hanging out with friends later, i got comments like "that looks really bad" (which i initially thought was a remark on its placement or something). but the marker washed off, i got satisfied with how it looked, and i got comfortable touching them too. its been 2 and a half weeks since i got them, and they were behaving perfectly fine... until today, when i got the retarded idea of unhooking one of them, just to see if i could... well, the stud came out. i freaked, i was home alone, have never changed a stud, nothing like this. in addition to all this... it was my left ear. earlier that day, i had accidentally sliced the tip of my left index finger. so i'm frantically trying to put the damn thing back in, using mainly my right hand... very difficult. my paranoid fear of the hole closing up was growing inside me... since its a stud, it can only go in one way. and i was trying to put it in the right way, where i couldn't see the exit hole... big mistake on my part. i kept poking the side of the healing piercing, which hurts like a bitch and made it start bleeding... so i finally say fuck it, i'll put it in backwards and get mommy to help me later. which i just got finished with, and now it feels fine. i don't regret going to claire's for this. it cost me about 20 dollars, and hasn't given me any trouble so far. at least, no trouble that i didn't in some way cause. i was a little worried immediately before it was done. i think this was due to a combination of things... one, instinct tells us that pain is bad. having never had anything pierced, i had no idea if it would hurt or not. two, i have an incredible fear of needles (which is odd; i've been stuck with enough in my life... and i'm a self injurer [translate: i cut myself], you'd think pain = pain, needles and blades are about the same... but no.) and ever though i never saw the needle on the gun, i knew it was there. three, i've been browsing bme for quite a while, and heard a LOT of negativity towards piercing guns... but i calmed myself down. how? i lied to myself. i made myself believe that there was no way it would be as bad as a figured it would. this is a great method for calming because odds are, it'll hurt more than you lied to yourself that it would. so whats next? well, if all goes the way i want it to (everybody cross you fingers!), i'll be getting a venom next. i was considering getting some cartilege work done, including an orbital... but the venom has been haunting me. my brain decided for me, the venom comes next. but, just WHEN it comes next is up to parents... sigh. but, no matter what i do next, i assure you, BME WILL HEAR ALL ABOUT IT!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: nobody+of+any+importance
Studio: Claire%27s
Location: its+a+chain

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