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NG DAY: JULY 17, 1999 My sister and I went to check out this new piercing place, I was a little nervise because the Canadian Red Dragon in Sudbury pierced my tongue way to close to the tip but I didn't think it was fair to judge the new place based on my last experience since the piecer here wasn't the one that did my tongue. I have been wanting to get my tragus, left nipple and my navel pierced horizontally, Since my sister was disgusted with the thought of me piercing my nipple and i promised my best friend that we would go together to get our belly buttons pierced when she had the money i started off with my tragus. My sister was asked to wait outside since she has never gotten a piercing before besides her ear lobes. the piercer and I chatted a bit while she cleaned and marked my ear, we didn't go over the after care to much because i already have a few other piercings and all i have to do it wash my ear with PHysoderm (sp?) twice a day and use salt water to clean away any discharge. When the clamps where placed on my ear I was thinking to myself that Hmmmmmmm this might end up hurting since there was some pressure from the clamps and its not every day that you have cold metal in your ear and having your tragus twisted and pulled at. She continued to talk as she did the piercing, there wasn't to much pain involved, but a lot of pressure, it took her 3 or 4 pushes to get the needle threw, the only thing that was really weird was the sound, it reminded me of when someone stabs a card board box with a knife but its really loud, it almost sounds like its coming form someone else. Once the clmaps where removed a lot of the pressure I was experiencing was gone and the 18g hoop easily slid into the fresh hole. She pierced my ear with a needle a gauge larger then the jewlery so it would go in easier but because of that there was a bit more blood but it wasn't that bad. After my sister was done with her peicing (cleaned, marked ,pierced and put the jewlery in her navel)we were on our way. We went to McDonalds then to the mall for a few hours before we walked the rest of the way home. We took the bandage off of my sister navel and cleaned the dried up blood away (we had to do that a few times during the night) and i spent a good 20 minutes cleaning the inside of my ear out, there was so much dried up blood! I have had the pericing for ruffly 10 hours now and have developed a slight ear ache and its slightly swollen but thats it. Im just not looking forward to sleeping tonight since I always sleep on my left side Morning of July 18, 1999 I was waking up every hour or so last night because I couldn't find a comfortable way to sleep and i think i ended up on my left side anyways because i woke up with a sore, swollen ear and a headach and slight earach, It felt better after cleaning but I was to scared to move the hoop around to much because of the swelling. July 19-23, 1999 I learned the hard way today to remember to answer the phone with my right ear. I caused myself to have a headache that lasted 3-4 days October 30th, 1999 First I would like to appologize for the big gap it times. I just forgot that I started this a long time ago. In the last 3 months my tragus developed a bump on the back which was due to infection. The new piercer at the Canadian Red Dragon told me to use peroxide on it for one day only to see if that would bring down the bump, we both thought it might have been scaring because it was really red but im guessing it was only so red from the pressure it was causing on my skin. After I tried the peroxide my ear healed up really good, the bump is compelatly gone now, my tragus is never crusty anymore, the ring moves freely and I am able to tug on it without hurting at all. In the last month and a half I have pierced my inner conch, left nipple and my madison. I will post those experiences as soon as I can. I now have a totaly on 10 holes, my tragus, inner conch, lip, tonuge, nipple, madison, helix and of course my ear lobes so if anyone has any questions about any of them feel free to ask. Happy Peircing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: I+never+found+out+her+name
Studio: The+Canadian+Red+Dragon
Location: North+Bay%2C+On

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