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My Ear Piercing Stories!!!

ys! What's up? Alright, now you guys gotta sit tight with me on this one, cuz it's gonna take just a couple minutes to read, but I'm gonna share all my ear piercing experiences with you! Ready, set, go! Okay, it starts when I was 7, I go to some Jewelry place in a mall in Carlsbad, Cali, and get my lobes done. Yippee, they get infected within a couple of months, I am being a pussy about it, and take em out. Let's go 5 years into the future when I'm 12, and I have my lobes pierced again at Claire's in the Carlsbad mall, except this time I get two in the left ear and one in the right. What a surprise! They all are giving me trouble so I take em ALL out. Alright, let's go to the next year, in October of '98, and I get just regular lobes again, one on each side, at Claire's in Carlsbad, and those are fine. The stupid whore pierced em crooked, but ya know, what do ya expect from a cheap place like that?! Alright, so I'm chillin with my two lobe piercings, and in December of '98, I decide for my birthday (which is Dec. 11), that I want a simple cartliage piercing. So, after telling my parents for two long weeks it was a good idea to let me get it done, and the great info from BME Ü, I go to Hot Topic in the Carlsbad mall, on Dec. 11, and get it done. Then Dec. 31st rolls around and I want more. So, I convince my parents to let me get another cartliage one right under the other one, and another lobe piercing, which totals right before the year '99, of 5 ear piercings. So, it's April '99, I'm now a big bad 14, and I want more. So, in April for Easter, my parents let me get another cartliage piercing, but its like right between my upper cartliage and my lobe, right in the middle of my ear, ya know? Ok, well there's six. So, July rolls around and I score w/ the piercings. My parents let me get my belly button done at Body Piercing By Tracy in Oceanside, and I get two more lobe piercings in my right ear, which now equals 9! Well, September comes, and my friend wants her navel done, so we go back to Tracy's in O'side and while she's gettin her's done, I decide I wanna go to a bigger gauge in my first ever cartliage piercing. So, I come back the next week, and get my cartliage stretched from 18ga to 14ga. I know that might not sound like a big deal to some people, but it kinda is to me, even though it didn't hurt that bad. But, the thing that did hurt real bad, is one of the lobe piercings that I got, when I was in Tracy's that day, it was the day after I had gotten it pierced w/ a gun, and the guy there, named Oscar, said we should change it to a CBR, so i picked out an earring, not knowing it was 16ga, and he tried to stick that into a fresh piercings thats supposed to be 20ga. He tried to stretch it but it was way too tight to fit the 16 ga in, and that hurt like a bitch! It was so sore. But, not as sore, as the month of October. I wanted a 10th piercing, but my mom said no more for awhile. So, I took it upon myself to do it anyway. I was talkin to my friend one night online, on October 12th actually, and I asked if she wanted to pierce my ear for me. She said sure, and I went over to her house with a safety pin, a sewing needle, a marker to mark the hole with, and an old earring that was left over from an old piercing with a gun. I got over there and we numbed it for about 20 minutes and then she marked it and she stuck the safety pin in. I guess the pin wasn't sharp enough cuz she only got it half way through and I made her stop because it was hurting me too bad. Well, I was pissed cuz I wanted a new piercing, so I got frustrated and took the safety pin out and tried to shove the earring through the rest of the way. Well, it took me about 45 minutes to get it through but it finally popped through. Well, that's about it. I have 10 right now, and I'm gettin another simple cart piericng on my right ear next Saturday! So I'll have 11! If you have any questions about these piercings or my navel, e-mail me! See ya'll later! Love ya! ~Lauren~


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Nov. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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