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English opinion required

always been interested in looking different from the next girl. At around the age of 10 I wanted a green mohiequen and a ring in my nose. My dad, of course, said no to both. At the age of six I had my ears pierced for the first time and the age of 12 the second stud came into place. I was bored by that time of having the same amount as others so I started to pierce them myself I ended up with four rings in each hole and two within the cartilage which had to be taken out later. Two years ago I was working for a Stockbroker, not a lot of fun but earns the cash. I decided to go for my first piercing, and I had my belly button pierced. Not really a bad experience but that night I could not move for the pain whether it was because I was so tense or what I don't know and because it had a ring in it when it was done it would get caught on absolutely everything so it wasn't long before a barbell went in that one. My boss frowned down on this and it wasn't to be discussed or displayed at work. At this stage I knew I wanted another piercing but where? The feeling I had when I went to get it done, fear, excitement, the not knowing about how it will look or feel. One thing was for sure it had to be kept hidden. I decided to go for the tragus as I had never seen anyone with it done before and thought it would be something different and it could hide under my hair. So off we go my friend who was very supportive up until this point came with. She didn't even like needles but she would watch just out of fascination me (she never came again as at this point she fainted when she saw the blood). Well this one hurt, a lot, maybe it is different for others but wow I screamed and bleed and at that point thought I was going to faint and vowed never to have another piercing as long as I lived. Afterwards the pain died away and I cleaned it it was as if it had always been there and since then it has given me no trouble at all, strange. A lot of people were very interested in this, and you get the normal question, "did it hurt?". At which point I want to slap them, someone stuck a needle in me, "what do you think?". I decided to change jobs where I went to work for a very laid back company, wear what you like etc. so I thought well lets see how laid back! I had been toying with the idea of an eyebrow piercing and thought that would be a good start so off we go again, get to the piercing place and find out that it was not there!! I was all psyched up ready to go and they weren't there, lucky they had just moved across the road. So we go in and I get one eyebrow ring. At first I really didn't like it. It was sticking out and I thought that it looked enormous and the strangest thing was that I could see it out the corner of my eye. I thought I wouldn't actually tell anyone but seeing that from all of this I had ended up with a black eye as well it was hard for them not to notice. The next one I had done I went on my own. I finally had my nose pierced after 12 years of wanting. I ventured down to Brighton on my own and had it done with a little shinny stud, but I did go back a couple of weeks ago to purchase a nice big ring for it!!. Then on a day trip out to Brighton about 2 months ago we were passing the shop so I thought "what the hell" and went in and had a second ring put in my eyebrow. This one didn't come out as bad as a smaller ring was used. Now comes the time after 2 months without any piercing what to go for next, I have been reading all about industrials and they look excellent when the bar can be put in place, but having to put up with two piercing's healing at the same time. Could be a nightmare. Anyone wanting to e-mail me, feel free, especially people within the UK. Maybe you can let me know what you think I should go for. I need ideas, the main problem being that I don't actually know anyone else with piercing's so an opinion would be good. Cheers, Jenni.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Nov. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Various
Studio: London+Clinc+of+Piercing
Location: Croydon%2C+Surrey%2C+UK

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