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a snug and double rook piercings amongst friends.

weeks ago my friend Amie and i decided to get new cartilage piercings. She already had an industrial and wanted double rook piercings in her left ear. I already had a tragus piercing (that i stretched myself from a 20 to a 14) and a rook piercing. I had in the past had my tongue, septum, labret, and both my nipples pierced. This was my first visit to Diamond. I found their name through the Tattoos.com artist search. I had a long list and spent the good part of my morning calling around to see who had what jewelry and what experience. Diamond stuck out. The man I spoke to on the phone was friendly and knowledgeable and he told me that the woman who did most of the body piercing would be in later that night (they are open until 11:00). Amie and I prepared ourselves and were off at approximately 6:30. When we arrived, we were told that Margie would be there in 15 minutes as she had stepped out to the convenience store up the street. We browsed around the shop. The man who we spoke with at the desk asked us about our choices in piercings and we selected jewelry to be put into the autoclave. He then had us fill out consent forms and made photocopies of our ID. Margie arrived 20 minutes after our arrival, but we had managed to keep ourselves busy looking at all the flash on the walls. I went first. It took about 15 minutes for both Margie and me to be happy with placement. I had decided on a 12 gauge circular barbell. She said she would pierce it with a 10-gauge needle to allow for smooth insertion of jewelry, she also said it would help with any pressure. She changed gloves and then prepped the area. She did not use clamps because she said it would not work with that part of the ear. She was then ready to go. She told me to breathe out on the count of three. one.... two... three... And then came one of the worst pains I have ever felt. And then I bled. I bled so that the well of my ear was full. Luckily it stopped quickly but it was still unpleasant. As well as the pain. When the needle went through, i could hear a light crunch and then searing pain. The insertion of the jewelry went well and it definitely made the pressure less. I sat for about ten minutes in an office chair afterwards while Margie took a break between our piercings. Amie was next. She has small ears and we were taking that into account. She wanted a double rook. So, they decided to go for two 16-gauge cbrs. Margie and Amie discussed placement. Margie made her marks and then she clamped Amie's ear. I could see Amie wince and then Margie told her to breathe out on the count of three
Then she put the needle through. Inserting the jewelry seemed ok as well. Amie was fine and was ready for the next one. But Margie still had to put the ball on the first ring. She did that and then tried to figure out how the best way to do the second would be. She fiddled around with the clamps for a while before deciding that they just wouldn't work. So, she free handed the second one. And it came out shallow and a little crooked. So she took it out and tried to do it again. The second time it came out a little crooked but she thought that interlinking the two rings would camouflage that. It did. We were both done so we headed downstairs flashing new "hardcore" piercings. We paid and went on our way... Off to Osco to get mini containers for our Dr bronners liquid soap. Since then... My snug is healing very well, but Amie had an incident with the second rook piercing, it migrated into the shallower original piercing and it had to be removed. We are going to go back for her to be repierced in a few weeks. I'm currently planning another ear piercing, but have yet to make my mind up on exactly what i want. In retrospect, I have to say that I am still very pleased with having gotten this piercing. It's not overly popular, and it's nice to have a more original piercing. I have been really into different cartilage piercings lately. I would have to say that most cartilage piercings are not for the sqeamish. Certainly not this one. rock on. Feel free to email me to ask real questions. To prevent a few stupid questions.... 1. yes it does hurt. 2.no, you can't take it out for a while. 3.no, don't do it without parental permission if you are not of legal age. and 4. i am not going to help you convince your parents to let you do any piercing. thanks.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Nov. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Margie
Studio: Diamond+tattoo+and+body+piercing
Location: Derry%2C+NH

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