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Two quick lobe stretches

reading several posts about people's experiences with piercings, I've decided to take a couple minutes and write up my two cents about the subject.. I wouldn't call myself poor, I'm just not finacially stable, and having my ear pierced isn't one of the top things to spend money on, so everything I did, I did with what I had at my house...and what I could spare a couple dollars on. I think it looks better and it's more unique as well. They're both in my left ear, the right side stays "clean", it's just a little thing I have. So here's my story... First Piercing- One night, happening to be a school night, and me having to be inside at 9 decided to do something a bit out of my normal daily routine. Plus I was really bored. I had been thinking of piercing my ear, but most of my friends told me not to, just like they said don't shave your head, but I liked my head shaved better anyway.. so I go through my sisters jewerly, find a nice little stud ear ring, sterilize it (Because I do everything myself, I want to be as clean as possilbe, although I want to be clean as possible anywhere I get something pierced) and try pushing it through my ear. First Attempt was more difficult that I thought, so I pushed harder and heard a few snaps, which was the piercing of the skin, then cartilage. I took my hand away and saw blood trickling. The ear ring had stuck to my finger I was pushing so hard, and I was annoyed. I put it back in the hole, and I pushed it the rest of the way through (it didn't pierce the skin on the back of my ear originally). I went to school the next day and people were asking me about it (and I thought to myself, "WOW a normal piercing!! Let's get all excited about nothing!!"[sense the sarcasm]) and they were so shocked I didn't numb it or anything.. so they called me "psycho", pussies.. Anyway, I get home, and I'm thinking to myself.. "WOW... this is Lame". So I see a straw (yes a drinking straw, about a 8G I guess...) and this gets my mind going. I find a pair of tweezers, take out my stupid little stud, stick the tweezers through, pull it apart (this took about 15 minutes, and I didn't numb it this time either) and then tried sticking the straw through.. I cut the straw at an angle so it would be a more gradual slope, but it wa still really hard to get through. I tried a couple times, but at the end of the slope, it would just stop, so I watched the blood run down the side of my neck, composed myself, took a deep breath, and jammed it through. I cut the ends off the straw and went and laid down cause I felt really light headed. Second Piercing- I bought a 10G ring (started at about 16G and ended at 10G) to put above my 8G hole, the straw was replaced by a ring two days later. I go home and pierce my ear, this time with one of those big safety pins. I wiggled it around, then took it out. I tried pushing the 10G through that hole, but it wouldn't go out the back. So I find myself a thumb tack, and stick that through, blood dripping down my neck and arm, the hole still isn't big enough, so I got a corn holder (the little handles with spikes on them, and you stick it in the corn so you can hold it easier..) and manage to stick that through, slipping once or twice from all the blood. Finally the hole is big enough and I push the ring through.. and me not being satisfied, take the ring out of my original hole (causing more blood to pour out, and shove it though the new 10G, making it an 8G. With nothing in my original hole, I look over and see an eye liner cap sitting on the bathroom sink.. lub it up with some CVS brand Neosporin, and push it through my original hole.. That bled like a bitch. I kept all the blood stained towels and they're now either part of my art or hanging on my wall. I think I lost enough blood through the entire events to fill up a shot glass. The eye liner cap is about a 2G, and when I put that in, my ear ripped about 1/8 inch upward. They're both almost healed and look really good. I think I might add a 12G ring above the 8G ring, but I can't go any larger with any of the piercings or they'll probably rip into one another... Thanks for reading my story.. Check out my picture in the pictures section. Later.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Nov. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Me
Studio: My+Bathroom
Location: Near+Philadelphia%2C+PA

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