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No... it doesn't stinking hurt!

ear my friend and I decided that we wanted to get something pierced. After seeing a girl at school with one, I decided on my tragus. Unlike the girl, who got her's done with a gun (shudder), I was going down to Ritualistics. Ritualistics was voted best place to get pierced and tatooed at in Edmonton. We called them up and set up an appointment, me for my trag and Jerad (my fearless friend) his ceptum. The day of our piercing had finally arrived and we were psyched. Jerad already had his tongue done but this was my first piercing. I drove to a nearby mall as Jerad advised that I eat something first so as to limit the Passing-Out Factor. I scarfed down some fries and a burger (mmmmm health food) and we walked over to the parlor. Johnny, the receptionist, took our names and told jokes to entertain us. By this time I was getting a little nervous. I had no idea if this was supposed to hurt or not but I was expecting some pain. Tyler, my piercer, came out first. Jerad gave me a good luck hug and I followed the tall goth in army boots back to his domain. Tyler was a little intimidating to look at to say the least. Two 2" stretched out lobes and a 1" bar through his nose made him look like a tribal chief. I took a seat in the dentist-type chair and tried to relax but the screaming industrial music somehow impaired my ability to breath normally. Finally Tyler spoke... "So, like, who's your favorite Care Bear?" I laughed and said Tender Heart. He smiled and I relaxed. He then set out to lay out the tools. He explained each one and when he was going to use it. Marking my ear with his trusty pen he brought a mirror over to see if I approved. Complying he asked me to turn my head and breath normal. The butterflies found their way back to my stomach but I still managed to keep my head relaxed. First came the clamp. This hurt a bit but hey... when doesn't a chunk of metal pinching your skin hurt? Tyler took the needle and slid it through easily on my third breath. He talked to me the whole time just telling me to stay relaxed and that it would be over soon. I was beginning to get the famed adrenalin rush. It didn't hurt at all! It felt kind of creepy to have a needle just stuck in my ear like that but I decided it was more positive than negative. He slid the tube through and removed the needle. This was then followed by the jewlery and the tube was taken out. Atlast i had apiercing to call my own! The whole process took maybe ten minutes from sterilization to beading. It bled a little but still wasn't sore. Jerad came out from his piercing and we oogled each other's metal work. Jerad was quite sore and when we went outside his ring got really cold and he got grumpy so I took him out to a kick-ass party so we could show off. He was starting to feel better once the compliments started to flow. It's definetely a power trip to bear freshly nailed flesh. The trag was only sore on the second day because I slept on it the night before but after that it was fine and I still love it today. The worst part of the piercing is all the close-minded idiots asking "Ewwwwwww! Didn't that hurt?". I just smile and say "guess". I did have some questions before my experiance that the wonderful people at Ritualistics kindly answered for me. Here's a few you might have: Is this piercing dangerous? It can be. You have nerves that run along your jaw line that can be hit if a person's tragus is too small. Always come to an experianced piercer who knows what the heck they are doing to avoid facial paralyzation. Is there more things you can do with a tragus? Yes. Depending on the size and shape of the tragus multple piercings and stretchings are possible. There are basically two tragus shapes: retangular and triangular. Triangulars are pretty much limited to a single piercing. Rectangular can be double pierced, one on top and one on the bottem. (Mine is rectangualr but I still chose a centred piercing. I'm a rather symmetrical and centered type of person) Does it hurt? Depends on the person. Some people just have high pain tolerances. Generally, though, this is a rather painless piercing, or so I'm told. (Tyler did not have his trag pierced). Next mission..... the frenulum. I'm booking my appoinment for this weekend. Look for my next contribution to BME in the lip section.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Oct. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Tyler
Studio: Ritualistics
Location: Edmonton%2C+Alberta

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