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My long awaited Inner Conch

rst time i saw an inner conch piercing was when I was at a festival, I had to look twice at this guy, but I thought it looked way cool. When I discovered BME, i saw the piercing again, and I knew that I had to have it. I read the experiences, and looked at the pictures, and began to talk to my mum about it. She wasn't happy at all, and said that I couldn't have any more piercings. I didn't talk about it for a while, then asked her again, and told her that I really wanted it, and she finally agreed.....BUT, she said I had to wait until she got back from her holiday in the USA, and until my eyebrow healed since it had been in an accident a few days before. After each of my last two piercings I told my mum it would be my last one....but I can't stop! After she said I could have it done, I was looking around on the net, and came accross a piercing studio in preston. I e-mailed them, and asked about the piercing. I decided this was the studio for me to go to. So....my mum went away, came back, and my eyebrow was nearly healed. Still she said I couldn't have it done, but i kept pestering her, and finally she agreed. I was so excited. I got straight on the net and made an appointment by e-mail. The day after I had made it, my friend said she was going to come along with me and have the top of her ear pierced. So, I had to e-mail them up again and change the appointment to 4:00pm on Saturday, after we had both finished work. I only had to wait about 3 or 4 days, and it was the day of the appointment. I really wanted a BCR in the piercing, but by e-mail I'd been told that it would heal better with a barbel, so I went for that option. The day went really slowly, but 3:45 came, and I went into the shop after speaking to some friends who I saw in the street. I was shaking really bad, and I began to wonder why I wanted it doing! In all of the experiences on BME that I had read, i'd noticed that everyone said that it was one of the most painful things they had experienced....I thought about this, but thought it was worth whatever pain in the end. I got to the counter, and they asked how old i was. "I'm 16" came my weak voice. They told me to fill out a form, letting me know what I was in for, then one of the girls beind the counter phoned my mum, cos I was under 18. My mum said it was ok for me to have it done...so I sat down and waited for my friend to come. I was just sitting there in the room, the walls are painted like a zebra, and it's really cool. The guy who was to pierce my ear talked to me, and I talked to the girls a bit. They were all really friendly, which put me at ease a little. I noticed that one of the girls had her conch pierced too, and I asked her about hers. My friend arrived, and I went upstairs into another room, and sat on this chair/table thing. Hughie asked me which ear, and I told him my left. he put a little mark on it, and I looked in the mirror and decided that it was the right spot. I leaned back on the chari, and he told me to relax, and chill out, and to concentrate on my breathing. I did what he told me, and felt the needle resting on my ear, I knew it was going to happen, and prepared myself for a massive pain that I was expecing. He had told me it was worse than having the top of your ear pierced, because it was going through twice as much cartlidge. I don't have the top of my ear done...so I had nothing to compare it to.
Ok......i'm sitting there...waiting.....for the pain....."pop" that was it....it felt like a pinch. I was SOOOOOO surprised...there was hardly any pain....and it was over already! I was really really hyper, and I couldn't stop looking at it, and talking, and I had a massive grin on my face! My ear didn't bleed, and I thanked hughie, and he told me that he'd pierced his own conch! I went downstairs to get my friend for her ear. I watched her have it done..and I was still really high....talk about an andrenaline rush! We went downstairs again, to pay for our piercings, and to talk with the piercer about cleaning. I noticed in the room how clean it was, and even downstairs in the reception area. We both got given a leaflet about cleaning, and then we were on our way! S0 far.....I've now had my piercing for a little over a week, and all is well so far. At first I kept knocking the back of the barbel when I tucked my hair behind my ear. Or when I cleaned it, It hurt a little. The day after I had it pierced, I was able to rotate the barbel, and the day after that (which was a monday) I was able to push the bar back and forth through the piercing. I clean it twice a day (as insturcted) with salt water, made out of sea salt. It only hurts now if i knock it, and sometimes it stings when I clean it....it's bound to I guess...with the salt! Everyone who has seen it likes it, and even my mum says that it doesn't look as bad as she thought it would. I would reccommend Contemproary Body Adornment to anyone in the North west area who wants to get pierced. It is very clean, and the people there are so friendly and helpful. If anyone is thinking about getting their conch pierced, id say GO FOR IT! it looks really good, and feels good when done. Personally, I don't think it hurts half as much as the experiences that i've read. so....HAPPY PIERCING (and watch this space for my next pierce!) Heather Go see Body Adornments Page! http://www.bodyadornment.com/


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Oct. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Hughie
Studio: Contemporary+Body+Adornment
Location: Friargate%2C+Preston%2C+Lancashire%2C+England

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