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Nipple Piercing at Body Work Productions

the hell am I doing?" I kept asking Carolyn as she drove me to Cleveland. "You've been talking about this since you got to school, and I'm not turning around." So we drove. The whole day I'd been shaky, and unable to eat. I forced down a few bites of a salad for lunch, and drank a lot of orange juice. I was determined not to pass out on the piercing table, and I WOULD be able to walk out of there under my own power. I'd been reading the BME nipple pages, trying to get a feel for other peoples' experiences, trying to feel it before it happened. I read everything I could get my hands on about body piercing. I'd only had my ears pierced before, and that was at the mall. This was going to be something completely different. I walked in to the place for the second time that week. The day before, I'd taken my friend Dominique to get her nose pierced. I was able to check out the whole procedure then, and even meet the guy who was going to pierce me. So I was less nervous about it. The anxiety increased when I filled out the forms. Had I eaten? Had I taken painkillers? Had I had alcohol? The studio has a comfortable waiting room full of degrees from various institutions, and soft couches. I tried to relax with Carolyn and my cigarettes, but nothing was working. We made nervous chit-chat with a couple waiting to get their tongues pierced. They, as most people do, recoiled when I told them I was having my nipples pierced. Why? They asked. Two reasons. 1) Looks. They just look awesome! 2) Feeling. Nipple piercings are like a lightswitch to an orgasm. Bill, my piercer, came out and called my name. He was incredibly friendly, and took a lot of time to make sure I was totally comfortable. He led me into the room, and asked if I had any questions. I said I had none, so he started to mark me. He had me stand on a small stool so my nipples were at his eye level. The whole time he was talking to me about all kinds of different things, trying to keep my mind off of it. Carolyn just watched, and made me laugh. After what seemed like hours, he brought in another piercer, Derek, to finish up the procedure. I was marked and prepped, and all that was left was to clamp and pierce me. I laid back down on the table, and Bill told me to relax as they placed the forceps. It took all of 5 minutes before Bill was having me take two deep breaths. On the exhale of the second, the needles went in simultaneously. I let out a primordial moan, one I could never reproduce. It was much like a "GaaAAAAHHHhhh" Only 10 seconds later Bill and Derek were sliding in the jewelry, and it was over. It was not a painful experience. It was more like sensory overload. What I felt as the needles slid through was more of a sensation produced in levels my body had never experienced before. It could never be classified as pain -- or pleasure for that matter. Derek joked, "I think he liked that." They turned on a fan and laid me back. I sipped on my juice, and let the heat wash out of me. I didn't pass out. I laid down for a half hour after the procedure. Bill and Carolyn kept me company until I could walk again. I was very proud of myself for having gone through with it, and I was also impressed with how easy the whole thing was. It was raining when I got out. I got into the car slowly, feeling the first surges of pain come over me. The seatbelt was impossible to deal with. Even the smallest tasks like operating the doorknob were hopeless. The adrenaline subsided on the car ride home, and by the time I got back, I was ready to crash in my bed and sleep for the rest of the day. The only thing I wasn't made aware of is how the first cleaning goes. I was in the shower, and while rotating the jewelry through the piercing, I started to black out. I had a head rush for a good 5 minutes before I had to dart out of the shower and into bed. I laid there for another 5 minutes trying to get the blood back into my head. I didn't know that handling the jewelry, even slightly, during the first week would make you dizzy. Be careful of that, because it's something not everyone will let you know. It wasn't until after the incident that I found out how common it was. I have no regrets about piercing my nipples, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who isn't totally sure they want it. If the studio you're going to offers it, have them done in tandem (both nipples at the SAME TIME). If you have them done one at a time, chances are you'll not want the second one right away. peace. bunnyboi (!!)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Oct. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Bill+and+Derek
Studio: Body+Work+Productions
Location: Cleveland%2C+OH

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