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Holes in my head...and my doggy wants a tongue stud

from a rather conservative family I was never allowed to get my ears pierced while living in my parents house. Those were the rules of the house and I respected them. House rules were different at college though. I got my ears pierced a couple weeks before thanksgiving '98 (junior year of College). I thought for sure my parents would flip out when they saw them at the family Thanksgiving get together. To my surprise they didn't even notice. The long hair I had at the time probably concealed them. I think my cousin must've pointed them out. My folks were cool about it. My mom's first response was "Well now I know what to get you for Christmas." I think my dad might've said something about me looking like Boy George. My ears were gun pierced by the nice lady at the Piercing Pagoda at the Hampshire Mall in Holyoke, MA. I had a few reserves about getting pierced. I was concerned about the pain and the possibility for infection. I barely felt the studs going in. As for the infection, I'm not sure if it was the titanium of the studs or the improper cleaning on my part but it took my ears a real long time to heal. I almost passed out in Media Play at the mall 10 mins after getting pierced. It was all just mental. The visions I had visions of my ears pussing up and falling off were getting to me and made me pretty light headed. After sitting down and cooling off I was fine. As I mentioned my ears didn't properly heal for a long time, about 5 - 6 weeks. They would seem OK for a while then get those dried crunchies around the holes. My ears didn't heal properly until I put in the 16 gage captive bead rings. I think that the ability to work the jewelry through the hole while cleaning it helps to clean the hole out better and helps it to heal faster. Pushing the 16 gage rings through was quite an experience. After trying unsuccessfully for about 15 mins to push them in from the front my room mate's girlfriend told me I should go from the back to the front so that I can see where the jewelry's coming out. The jewelry went in much easier this way and was a lot less painful. Oh, be sure to lube the ear and jewelry with antiseptic to make the whole thing go smoothly. When I finally did it the right way the pain was more of a pressure type of pain than a pinching type - a little uncomfortable but not all too unpleasant. The hardest part of the whole thing was getting that damn little bead in. The thing's so small and your fingers get too sweaty to grip it. My advice here is to have a professional piercer put them in. They have the proper tools to open the jewelry and insert the bead. Most places will do it for free if you buy the jewelry from them. After the captive bead rings came the cool-ass 14 gage curved barbells with spike ends instead of balls. They were a little pricey ($35 / ea at Hot Topics) but were worth every penny. They look so cool! Since August '99 I've been more into piercings. I went back to the Piercing Pagoda and got another set of holes (with stainless studs this time). They hadn't even completely healed in the 3 weeks since I had them done when I put the 16 gage captive bead rings through them. As I mentioned before the ease of cleaning of the rings sped up the healing. In the meantime I began to stretch my first holes by putting more rings through the holes. Having three rings through one hole isn't the most attractive thing but it's serving a purpose. I recently bought a curved taper spike at Hot Topics to stretch my holes up to 8 gage. I started it in my right ear about 5 days ago and it's already stretched up to 8 gage. Lubing the ear and jewelry with antiseptic helps get things in smoothly and cleaning 2 - 3 times a day keeps infection away. It was a little uncomfortable at times probably because I was trying to stretch it too fast. Of you take your time it'll be relatively painless. I ordered a pair of 8 gage hollow stainless plugs from Crazy Chameleon (413-442-7723), the only body-piercing studio here in Pittsfield, MA. The place is owned, operated, and staffed by females. The people there are great and the jewelry is pretty inexpensive. They have a decent selection but can order anything you need. (Do I have to pay for ad space here?) My new plugs should be in in a couple days. Once I get one in my right ear I'm going to stretch out my left. I'm thinking of a third set of holes. I'm not sure if I want to go the Piercing Pagoda route again or go right for the needle and stick a 16 gage in there. As for the stretching, I think 8 gage is plenty large enough for now. Even though I don't really like my job I love the paycheck and a couple extra pieces of jewelry or larger plugs really aren't worth giving up the paycheck for. Engineers aren't typically known for having see-through ear lobes. I have been thinking of having either my septum or my lip done though... The next thing on my list is most definitely going to be a tattoo. The folks are already against this one. For some reason that just encourages me. I've drawn up a nice design that'll go on my left arm and will go from the shoulder to the elbow. Going up to Real Images Tattoo Studio up in Shaftsbury, VT (802-447-4756) with my friend Sue the other day to have Vince retouch an old tattoo of hers convinced me. Vince is a really nice guy and one hell of a good artist. I was just so impressed with his work and his philosophy. He seems more interested in the tattoo art form than in making money throwing tattoos on people's bodies. In a few weeks you'll probably be reading my 'first tattoo' testimonial. By the way, would it be wrong to pierce my dog? A small 18 gage captive bead ring in his ear and/or a stud in his tongue. That and a spike collar and my mutt will be the biggest punk around. L If you feel compelled to email me, feel free. Getting emails makes me feel loved. Remember, there are no stupid questions, only stupid people...just kiddin' Later Kev


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Oct. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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