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A hellish industrial experience

been thinking about having an industrial done for quite some time, and finally decided to go ahead and get one. I didn't think it would be that bad.. i have a total of 10 ear piercings that i had performed myself without complications, and thought that getting it done at a studio would be a sure-fire way to get it done correctly. I also was not too concerned about the pain, since I had pierced my own nose (which i no longer have) and pretty much remembered what that (crunch) piercing of cartilage felt like. I didn't really consider the studio i went to, since there is one right near my house that has been getting really good word- of- mouth. I went to the studio (which shall remain unmentioned since i don't like to slander) and was greeted by a young- looking piercer, whom i had never seen before. I explained to the piercer what i wanted and she started to set up the equipment. First, my ear was marked with a pen. I specifically asked her to place it very far up my right ear, to make room, due to my other piercings. I also made sure to double check in the mirror before she made the punctures to make sure they were in the area i had asked for. I made sure to watch that everything came out of packages and was properly sterilized in the bacatracin ointment. The actual piercing itself was not bad at all.. it was only minimally painful. The piercings were performed freehand with two hollow point needles, and went very quickly, with only short twinges of pain for each hole. However, when she tried to get the barbell in, the threads would not go through, and i almost passed out. It took about 10 minutes to get the barbell in, and by this time blood was going everywhere.. in my hair, down my neck, and inside my ear. I was putting my head between my knees and sucking on candy to keep from fainting. However, when it was finished, I was satisfied with the look, and felt certain that the worst was over. WRONG. Within 24 hours, the barbell was so tight on my ear from swelling that I was bent over crying in pain. I ended up going to the studio and having the barbell removed (impressions from which were still in my ear) and having hoops put in, with promises that the swelling would go down. In retrospect, the barbell she used was probably too short, since ear cartilage (especially for us with sensitive skin) can swell a little bit, especially while cleaning. I was WRONG again.. within two hours, my ear had swelled even more and now the hoops were getting tight! I had to take out all my other earrings.. i looked like dumbo! The next day i went to the doctor's and found out i had cellulitis, and i went straight to the studio to get the hoops taken out (scaring lots of children and elderly people on the way lol). After the infection healed, I went to get the piercing redone (free of charge, of course), and this time the piercer decided to put the hoops in immediately. Since I had scars still prevalent from the first piercing, she was fairly comfortable with where to make the punctures. It was much more comfortable, and this time took all of 3 minutes to pierce and put the hoops in. (Better still, I did not experience any lightheadedness or bleeding!) Since then i have had no complications with healing. I should mention that the piercings swelled a little the first week, especially when i cleaned them. However, when i went to purchase a barbell to put in (at another studio), the piercer informed me that the trajectory was wrong on my industrial, and that there was no way a straight barbell was going to go through "these holes (i) have here". The top hole is not too far off, however, the bottom hole was pierced almost straight through, like a regular ear piercing, instead of being angled. Well, needless to say, I was very upset; I am currently in the process of ordering a custom made industrial (a severely curved barbell) for my twice- pierced, twice- messed up piercing. Of course, I'm getting the barbell from a different piercer, someone i researched and know is more experienced and has done industrials (including fixing messed up ones) before! Naturally, I am very upset at all the time, pain, and expenses I have been through over the past couple months, especially since I did not end up with the piercing I wanted. The moral of the story (is there a moral?) is know your piercer before you have anything done!!! Make sure they have been piercing for quite some time and have experience with the piercing you are requesting! I have since found out that, not only did my piercer not have any experience doing industrials, she was also a very unexperienced piercer. I am definately considering getting more piercings, namely a tongue piercing and tragus, but this time will go to someone i trust (even if they are a little more out of the way!)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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