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Questions about ear stretching

ll, I'm a 14 year old boy and I come from kind of a rich, conservative yuppie-town. People look real down on you if you do anything different. My parents always said I could get my ear pierced, because they didn't think I'd do it. I had a lot of problems as a child (Most of which I like to think are okay now..hehe...for real though, I'm fine now, outgrew them all.) I think that this plays a role in my fear of needles (as a child I had to have a lot of tests and stuff done, MANY of which involved needles, and I saw many mishaps with needles). I HATE, and I mean HATE them. But when I get the reward of a piercing from them, I think it's worth it. It's not like they hurt, they just gross me out, and...I don't know, but even since the piercing crap, I still hate them. So anyway, this summer while on vacation at the beach, me, who fights the doctor (literially) that is trying to give me a needle, got my ear pierced. Most of you out there are prolly like big friggin whoop...but to me, it really is. So anyway, one night I was hangin out with a bunch of my friends (most of which have their ears, and othe rbody parts, pierced; I have one friend that pierced his ear with a TACK and nothing to numb it). So we were hangin out, drinkin a few (well...more then a few) beers, and one of the girls I was with, (who has a pierced tounge) told me I'd look good with a pierced ear. At that point, I was so toasted I was like what the hell...why not...so I walked into a place (which I forget the name of) and got it done. Didn't hurt at all...I was amazed. It did, however, get infected...you really should wait a few days before you go putting a loop in. The infection was a small price to pay for how happy I am with it. (Along with the price of the starter studs...which I figure is about $6) Since then I have tried unsuccessfully to pierce my ear in a different spot, to pierce my ear in the cartiledge, and to pierce my other ear. (I got the other ear in, but it was crooked and looked like crap) Anyway, now I want to have my other ear pierced professionially, and strech both holes. I went to a jewlery/specialty store the other day, asking about stretching my ear. The lady was about as much help as a bad root canal. She told me that it would kill to put a 16g in,(which is the size of the horseshoe I wanted) even if I put an 18g in first. She basicially told me that I shouldn't stretch my ears because it would look bad, be dangerous, and hurt. I was so dissapointed, because I think it would look MAD phat! ! ! ! But the more I thought it, the more I said Ysnno what, SCREW HER, I dont care about her! So now I need your expertice...what guage should I stretch to from the regular stud size, without it hurting too much? I assume I can go right to 18g, but i'm not sure. I only wanna end up with like a 12-14g for now, because I dont feel like having my parents shoot me. I can go one guage at a time, because I get most of the jewlery for free.
I've also seen people with things that look like tiny marbles in their ears, they're colored (I like the red ones), and if you look close, you can see through them somewat. Does anyone know what theese are called, and where I could get them. (I think they're glass, and I'm guessing they fit in holes from about 8g, probably right down to 0g. Also, I'm thinking about having my tounge done. I have a pretty short tounge, so I can't stick it out too far. Does this pose a problem in the piercing process, or in being about to play with it? Also, I have a vein right down the center of my tounge, will it be too much of a bother if they pierce it slightly to one side? Any help will be GREATLY appriciated. Thanks, Nick P.S. -- I also welcome information about all other tyes of piercing. I am also considering nipples, nose, eyebrow, lip, etc. I really would like to know how you all feel about each, or any of theese. Also, even though I probbaly wont do it, I would also accept your feelings on genital piercing...(most probably prince albert).


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Oct. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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