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A Simple Cartilage Piercing

nted to get my ear cartilage pierced for a while, but I was very very afraid to. The worst part was, I couldn't tell exactly what it was that I was afraid of. I've had each of my lobes done twice (witha gun, at the mall, a long long time ago), and I hadn't had any problems there. I am definitely afriad of needles, but somehow that wasn't it either. All I knew is that I definitely wanted my cartilage pierced, but fear was holding me back. I read a lot of the experiences on BME to try to get a feel for the procedure and the pain I could expect, but I was a little frustrated because it seems like most people write about very unusual ear piercings, and all I wanted was to read about a plain old cartilage pierce. So, I'm posting my story in case someone like me is looking for advice. I made an appointment last night on the spur of the moment to get my ear pierced today. I figured the only way I'd get up the guts to do it was if I actually made the appointment. Today, I went with every intention of wimping out. I was so nervous! But my boyfriend was with me and he encouraged me to at least go into the piercing room and talk to the piercer . . .so, I signed all the forms, and nervously awaited my turn. To my surprise, the people at the desk said I could bring my boyfriend into the piercing room with me, which helped me to feel a little less nervous. it was nice to have a hand to hold. I was surprised by how sterile and hospital-like the room was. Jay, the piercer, had serveral visible piercings himself, which made me feel a little more confident. Jay was really nice. He explained exactly what he was going to do. He traced all the veins in my ear with his pen, and then positioned the earring between them and let me check the placement. There was pressure on my ear from the actual earring when he did this, and Jay told me that I could probably expect the actual piercing to feel similar to the pressure from the earring, only a little more "pinchy." Although he never had his cartilage done himself, he said that people he had pierced before had described it as being like a pinch, but not unbearable. Jay also changed his gloves at least three times during the process, after every step. Once I had settled on a placement, Jay explained that he was going to prepare the needle. It was in a sterile package. Jay opened it, and dipped the end of it in Bacitracin so it would slide through my ear more easily. He said he would put the needle's point against my ear, and when I exhaled, pierce me. I almost wimped out again, but somehow I made myself sit there. Then, all of a sudden, I felt a kind of gross, weird sensation of something going through my cartilage. I wouldn't call it pain, exactly, more like just a not-normal feeling. One thing I have to stress, since this part scared me so much beforehand, is that I did NOT hear a pop, or any other strange crunchy sounds. In fact, the actual pierce was so quick, and so painless relative to the burning pinch I had expected, that I couldn't believe it was done. I was pierced! I was so happy! Jay put the earring on, which didn't hurt at all, cleaned me up, gave me aftercare instructions, and I was good to go! After the piercing, my ear felt really hot, and it was a little sore--more than it ever was during the actual piercing, but nothing too bad. I love the way it looks. It was done with an 18 ga, by the way, which is really small, but I like that it looks so delicate. The ring is a captive bead ring, in gunmetal gray. they didn't give me a choice of jewelery, but I didn't mind because I really like the color, size, and style of jewelery they gave me. Jay said that the worst part was the butterflies before the piercing, and he was right. I totally reocmmend doing this if it intrigues you. Don't worry about the pain. It's nothing you can't handle! If I could do it, me, a girl who cries over the idea of getting shots, is too scared to give blood, etc, then anyone can. And really, it hurt less than the lobes. After this experience, I would be much less fearful about getting anything else pierced. Although I don't think I will ever pierce anything overly sensitive or personal like my genitals or nipples, I would consider a navel or a tongue pierce. If the day comes when I do decide on another pierce, I will definitely consider going back to jay.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Oct. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Jay
Studio: Jewelery+Gallery%2FChameleon
Location: Harvard+Sq

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