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My Piercing Addiction

his story is not going to tell about one specific piercing. It's about all of them. I first got my ears pierced in 2nd grade...I was about 7. My mom tortures me with this one picture (pre-orthodontic help) where I'm standing outside this cosmetic shop with my nappy hair tucked behind my ears. On display are my red, throbbing earlobes with newly placed gold stars. Boy, did I think I was the absolute shit. After a few months with the standard lobes, one of my ears got infected (I think the right one.) I had a pussy, bloody, swollen earlobe with what felt like a lump inside the skin. My mommy took me to the doctor, and he ordered that it come out because it was so infected. Then, I was faced with one of the most important decisions I'd ever have to make: go get ice cream, or, dun dun dun get my ear repierced. I obviously chose the latter. Back to the store, and a new stud was in. My mom and I then realized that I had very sensitive ears and I had to be very careful with what kind of metal the posts were made out of. That lasted for a year or two and then my ears were fine. Fast forward 4 years and I'm in 6th grade. I see girls with double earlobe piercings, my mom has her doubles, so I decide that it is absolutely essential that I get them too. BAM! They're in with no trouble. A few months roll by, and by now you should know the routine . I get an infection. Well, fuck me. The doubles come out and I'm not happy. So here I am, an 11 year old girl with her ears pierced once in each ear. And hey, I'm managing. Ok now we're gonna get into the summer of 1998. My parents send me to a summer camp for 8 weeks. At this time, I was "anti-earring"...I didn't care about wearing them at all, just as long as my holes didn't close up. During the first 4 weeks, I met this girl who had a 14ga curved barbell in her earlobe. I had never seen anything like it! I was intrigued. So the camp takes us on a 3 day trip to Charleston, SC. I find a piercing shop and buy a BB just like hers. We go back to the hotel and I'm trying to put this sucker in. It took quite some time and I wasn't digging the feeling. So I have my friend do it. Oddly enough, she had some shit for her ears and we used it. I spent about 20 minutes screaming bloody murder before that sonuvabitch went through my ear. It was only then I had realized, that the back of my hole had closed up and we had just repierced it. It hurt SO bad. So I'm running around for a month with one earring in constantly being asked if I'm gay (it was the right ear). Our second trip was to Atlanta for 3 days and lucky me found a shop where I bought a straight 14ga barbell (it was little...probably for an labret or something). Same thing happens with inserting it, only this time we had vaseline THANK GOD. I screamed and cried but it was worth it because it opened up my eyes to the ever divine culture of BODY MODIFICATION. Shoot forward to the summer of 1999. I've still got just one in each ear, (14ga horseshoes in each) but I've been dying to get the tragus for some time...I go to Israel for a month, and one day get dropped off in a mall in Tel Aviv. While looking for a certain piercing studio recommended to us (we couldn't find it, stupid americans) we run across a tattoo/piercing parlor. I'm checking out the jewelry in their case and see a 12ga CBR. I pay my 80 shequels (20 bucks) and have it inserted in my left ear. NO PAIN. I ask if they perform tragus piercings and I get a big fat NO as a reply. I'm not stoked, as I had told every one on my trip (40 kids) that I will have my tragus pierced before I get on the plane home. Somehow, unbeknownst to me, we find the piercing studio we were looking for. I get the tragus done in my left ear with a 16ga CBR. OW. It's over. I pay my 25 DOLLARS (excellent deal w/ jewelry included) and leave. And I'm hooked. We're walking around Ben Yehuda street in Jerusalem and my friends want to get their cartilage pierced. Fully knowing that no piercings were allowed without previous parental consent and written permission (of which I had none), I get my cartilage done on my left ear. I call my mom right after and tell her about both, and she's not pleased, but is particularly indifferent. After all, it's just my ears. About 2 days later, we're back on Ben Yehuda (very popular street) and I decided that I want to get my ear pierced on the right side since it hadnt been touched with a needle on this whole trip. I was feeling somewhat lopsided so I got my ear pierced basically inbetween my lobe and my cartilage...parallel with the tragus, if you understand what I mean. So I go to Israel with 2 holes, and come back with 5. Then a few weeks later, my dysfunctional trio (me, my mom and my sister) are shopping in our new mall and I decide that I want yet another hole (and this makes 4 holes in the course of a month). We venture into Claire's and I leave with another hole in my head...standard piercings parallel with the tragus on my left ear. This is all good and I'm liking it. So now I'm up to 6 holes. I'm happy. About 3 days before the first day of school, I notice a bump on the top of my tragus right above the earring. I'm not liking this, so my mom takes me to the doctor. He says that I'm not getting a keloid (this is very good) but it's infected and needs to come straight out. I'm bummed, and have my friends mom remove it that night. So I'm down to 5 earrings and craving more. Day after my birthday (about a month later) my mom takes me and 3 friends to this huge radio festival in DC and I get my tragus repierced in my right ear with an 18ga CBR. I'm loving the look (not the price..60 bucks) and am pleased. At this time, I had an appointment for 3 days later to get the industrial done. I'm alittle sketchy on this, because I wasn't sure if my mom would still agree to the industrial since I didn't ask her about redoing the tragus. She's not mad at all, and 3 days later we're off to get 2 more holes punched into my head. So I got the industrial with no problems. I have 2 14ga CBRs in the holes until it heals and I'm have the bar inserted sometime this week. Hopefully tomorrow. So that is my life story on piercings. I have 8 holes now and am planning an anti-tragus adventure sometime in the near future. I'll keep you posted. (I know how much the general public LOVES reading about lil old me). If anyone has any questions..feel free to talk to me. I'm a nice person...I really am! -SARA


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on: 18 Oct. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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