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ent months, i have come to appreciate the art of body piercing. of course, when i was younger and more conservative, i had always thought exactly what older people tell you-piercing anything other than your ear lobes is unacceptable and you will never be able to get a job with a little silver thing hanging off of your face. even when i was in high school, i was under the ignorant impression that those who showed up to school pierced were rebelious and just trying to act older than they were. well, i am very pleased to announce that i have since changed my ways and can see various sides in favor of body piercing. in fact, i secretly had always wanted to get my nostril pierced but until i met my lovely boyfriend, i hadn't the courage to do something so 'dramatic'. in fact, our first time doing anything together was an excursion to the piercer...he got his tongue pierced and i got my left nostril pierced. everyone told me that once i had one piercing done, i would be addicted and feel the need to get something else pierced. i thought that i could curb and craving to further perforate my body, but i was mistaken. i did as much research on the different kinds and methods of piercings in order to search out my next one. well, as it turned out, i decided to go for something that was a little less obvious than another facial piercing. i also wanted something that would be a bit more professionally acceptable considering i had already been confronted by my professors about my nostril piercing as being unprofessional. my choice turned out to be a very simple, very elegant daith piercing. i've never seen an abundance of this piercing and decided that based on professional appearance, rarity, and aesthetics, i would go ahead and keep this piercing on file as my next to be done. so finally, one day, it just happened...here's my story.

some of my friends and i were taking a mini-road trip one day and decided to head to Indianapolis. after a few hours of just hanging out at various locations, i half jokingly said, "hey, let's go get pierced." my friends didn't think i was serious but agreed that if someone was willing to get something done, it would certainly be something exciting to do. finally, after thinking it over for a bit, we all got in my car and i started driving to the place i had my nose pierced. once we got there, we all went inside and waited around for a bit until someone helped me. i asked if they were able to do the daith piercing and sure enough, they were. when my piercer was ready, he took us all back into the piercing room(very professional, i must say) and had me sit on what looked like an exam table. he talked to me for a bit about what he was going to do and how to take care of my piercing and such. next, it was time for the procedure. i laid back and started to take deep breaths. i noticed at that point that i had several pairs of eyes watching me waiting for the piercing to take place-must have been a slow day since they actually wanted to see me get pierced. anyway, my piercer told me that i would feel a 'pinch' and then it would feel a bit uncomfortable for a bit. he then started to push the needle through and i can honestly say that this one did hurt quite a bit but nothing unbearable. the part that was extremely uncomfortable was getting the jewelry(i chose an 18g surgical steel hoop with a beed closure)into the new piercing. once he had it in though, it was virtually painless-though it did feel warm. i was incredibly impressed with the healing of this piercing due largely in part to its placement. it really is not exposed to much like a facial would be so healing is very easy. i am also quite fond of the way this one looks. i had it done on my right side(to counter my nostril piercing on the left) and i am considering getting my left daith done as well. i also recommend this piercing for professionals who want a piercing but can't have anything obvious. the only times that people notice mine is when my hair is out of the way or if i show it to them(the reactions from people are well worth getting the piercing as well). i have found that this particular piercing is rather rare compared to some and as far as piercings go, i find my daith hoop elegant in its own way. so far, it's my favorite.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Oct. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Thad
Studio: Skin-Quake
Location: Indianapolis%2C+IN

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