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Dual 0g Inner Conch Punches

me reason, small gauge or normal gauge holes just dont seem aesthetically and psychologically pleasing for me. I always love the look and feel of large jewelry in my flesh. Thus I chose to get two 0g chuncks of my ears taken out. I decided I wanted two 0g inner conches. This was a decision that was definitally not made on impulse, but on and off for about a year. I live in NJ, the closest possible studio to get this process done at was Infinite in Philadelphia. But since my little conflict with them a few months back over my ignorance, I decided against going to them. Instead I went to Tat-A-Rama in Toronto to get my conches done by Blair. This is not the only reason I went. I also got a labret, discussed labret scalpelling and branding with him, and possibly getting my upper conches dermalled at 0g also at some point in the near future. A 9 hour drive to Toronto from NJ by all means is draining enough, but I did not have a drop of caffeine in my body for the previous 3 days and during the trip as well. Turns out caffeine will make you bleed more when the body is injured, and knowing the process I was about to undergo, I refused to consume any. It was a long trip... Meeting Blair for the first time, only strengthened my interest and love for body modification. The nicest person to do work on me by far, and definitally one of the nicest Ive ever met period. His little workplace covered with images of tribes people with various body modifications, only motivated me more to undergo more and heavier mods in the future. Even though I wanted my conches done at such a big guage for quite a while now, I was still apprehensive about doing what I was about to do. Each and every concievable negative thought ran through my head... "Will I regret this?" "What about future employment?" "This is permanent" "What will people think of me?" And finally I just said to myself "I want this no matter what." On to the process. First came the search for the veins and arteries. Blair took a little light scope and put it to the back of my ear in an attempt to see if my conch was possible to be dermalled. On my left ear, a first look revealed an artery and Blair told me it might not be possible to dermal. On to the second ear, this one turned out fine. A second look on the left ear revealed it would be possible if placement was a bit higher. Then came the marking. Blair made two perfect marks of where the holes would be placed. They were both symmetrical in placement and looked frightfully huge compared to my conches. Then came the dermalling... The conch is the thickest part of cartilage in the ear. A dermal punch has a razor sharp end. Nontheless, from start to finish, it took about 5-6 seconds for the device to get through. The beginning feeling like not moreso pain, but alot of pressure and force, the ending or when the punch exited hurt the worst. The cartilage and skin all being cut away from my body. Bleeding was moderate on both of the punches, thanks to my abstenince of caffeine. Blair thought that it would be a good idea to cauterize the wounds before I left, In case I started bleeding later. But after attempting this on my left ear, we found out it only aggrivated the wound and it bled more, so we scratched that idea. Gauze was placed in each ear to stop the bleeding completely, this was probably the most painful part. Anything rubbing on raw fully exposed injured cartilage is painful, as I found out. He then proceded to pierce my labret perfectally afterwards, which felt like a pinch compared to the process I just underwent. He said that he didnt want me leaving until it was absolute that I wouldnt leave the shop bleeding, so we chatted a bit more about some mods we both looked forward to in the future. I then paid, said my goodbyes and left. Feeling a bit lightheaded and forever changed as I walked out the door, I felt a bit anxious, but happy. I got a donut and a drink and was headed back to NJ, right after... 9 more hours... And yes, no caffeine. I returned from my little excursion at about 2am, and headed straight for the shower. I have to admit, it was alot of fun trying to remove gauze that was soaked and hardened with blood from my now very swollen conches. It took me about 20 minutes for each ear, saturating the gauze hoping it would give away. When I sucessfully removed each piece of gauze, a stream of blood would pour down my torso. As I looked in the mirror to see how big the holes were for the first time without gauze, I smiled. I could see the bathroom tile right behind me. I was in awe. What I was told to do for aftercare was for the first 3 days, take a Q-tip, put anti-bacterial soap on it, stick it through the hole, twist it around in the hole until the solution rubbed off, wash it off and to put guaze in the hole. The soap burned, but again, the guaze insertion was brutal, pain that I havent felt in my life. I proceeded to redo the process day and night for the next three days. After the "guaze days", the aftercare was simply to do the same except put the guaze in the conch, or have it heal empty. I was told the healing period would be short due to oxygen hitting the wound without it being obstructed by jewelry. And because of the size of this wound, my body would highly concentrate on it for the next month, or the full healing time it usually takes for this procedure. I must admit, I did sleep with nothing in my ears, but when it came to work, I put band-aids on both sides of each hole, just so I didnt have to be gawked at, but yet I was... for looking silly :) After 2 weeks, I examined my conches, they looked pretty well healed to me, no scabbing, no pus. I then decided to insert a taper to find out what guage they were. Turns out, that 2mm of scar tissue grew around the holes, or that my conches were at 2g. Blair told me this would happen. As I inserted the taper, I felt a bit of discomfort, so that night I decided its time to put jewelry in. I put in a sss hollow tube, and was pleased with its apperance. So were the people at work. Over the following months I eventually stretched my conches to 1g and then 0g which I have presently, with about 3 months in-between each stretch. All in all it was an exciting process, from the trip to earning and owning my conch "holes" today. If you want fully healed conches in a very short time, I personally dont know any better way than this way. From this experience, Im inspired to undertake many more mods, in the future. I can`t thank BME and Blair enough for giving me the info, inspiration and means necessary to complete this bodmod mission.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Oct. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Blair+McLean
Studio: Tat-A-Rama
Location: Toronto%2C+Canada

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