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Piercing is an addiction

e conservative girl who got her tragus pierced a while back (see conservative girl packs a punch...in the tragus). Since then, I've pierced my navel, rook, and daith, in that order. As I got all of my piercings at the same place, Swank Body Modifications, my experiences with procedure are all virtually identical. Extreme professionalism and meticulism with beautiful results. I just thought I'd discuss some information on particular piercings and contribute a couple of answers that people always ask about piercings.
Tragus - sometime in late February Again, see my last submission, "conservative girl packs a punch...in the tragus" Naval - 4/18/99 Okay, so I broke up with my boyfriend and then went and got my naval pierced. I was feeling very liberated and felt that piercing my belly button would be a great way of celebrating that freedom. I had originally wanted my naval pierced with a curved barbell, but the piercer I go to doesn't pierce with curved barbells as it is not as easy to clean, thus increasing the risk of infection and such. So I opted for a small hoop with a blue bead. I was expecting it to hurt a lot more than it did, as my last piercing was my right tragus. Virtually no pain whatsoever. It hurt a little the next day, but I was just careful. No infection or anything and now that I'm all healed and everything, I wear curved barbells. I find that they are much more comfortable than hoops anyway. Rook - 9/14/99 I had just gotten back to school and I had been toying with the idea of getting another ear piercing. I went down to Belmont on the preceding Sunday with some friends and was about 50% sure that I wanted a rook piercing, but the piercer who does those sort of ear piercings wasn't in. But he would be in on Tuesday, so I went back on Tuesday following a voice lesson which required me to hop on the L (Chicago's eLevated public train system) anyway, so I was back getting pierced again. Daith - 10/9/99 So I was trying to explain my rook piercing to one of my best friends from high school. I directed her to the BME site to check out some of the pictures so she could visualize what the piercing looked like. She really liked the rook piercing and was going to come home for the weekend soon as we're originally from the Northwest Suburbs (about 45 minutes from Northwestern University, where I go to school). We decided to take a trip down to Belmont and since I've always found the daith piercings beautiful, but a bit scary as they appear so painful, I decided to get pierced again. After all the piercings I have, I've never gone with someone else to get pierced so I didn't know what it looked like during the procedure. We decided that she ought to go first in case she got scared watching me get pierced. I wasn't about to chicken out as I've been through the procedure a number of times before. Elisabeth bravely bit back on the pain as the needle and earring went through. I could see her excitement and how much she loved her new piercing. I was so excited that I had gotten to share the experience with her. But then came my turn. I wasn't nervous, just excited. Hank explained to me that this is one of the harder piercings in his repetoir. He did all of the cleaning/explaining/marking and then clamped my ear. He informed me that this piercing takes a particularly long time, not quick like my other piercings. He took me through the breathing...and as I slowly exhaled the last breath, I really felt the pain and heard a distinct crunching noise as the needle went through my ear. Definitely the most painful piercing procedure I have yet endured. My ear did bleed a little, but once the earring was through, I was just a little numb. As soon as I got to look at the piercing, I knew it was more than worth the pain. Elisabeth thought that my new piercing was awesome and I thought her new piercing was awesome (I'm a bit partial to the rook piercing as I have one too) and we left with matching smiles across our faces. It was so much fun sharing the piercing high with someone! The pain from the daith piercing dissipated really quickly. I was able to sleep on my left side (the side with the new piercing) that night. I thought it was just because it was inside my ear, but really, the pain was really really minimal. The first cleaning, often very painful, was so easy and painless...I was thoroughly surprised. I was waiting to be wincing in pain in the shower. I'll now take a little time to answer the 4 most common questions I get asked about my piercings. Question 1 - Oh my God, did that hurt??? Answer - Of course it hurt, someone stuck a needle through my body. Big important point is, I chose to have that needle go through my body. I paid someone good money to do it. I weighed the pain against the pleasure of the piercing, and I chose the piercing. Now if someone just randomly drove a needle through me without my consent, I'd be pretty pissed off. I'll rate my piercings on my own personal pain scale 1-10 (1=painless, didn't feel a thing, 10=vomiting because body cannot take pain). The first number is the initial pain factor during the procedure, the second is the pain factor during the aftercare, i.e. cleaning, sleeping, general day-to-day stuff. lobe piercings - 2, 2 naval piercing - 3, 2 cartilage piercing (with a gun :oÞ)- 3, 5 daith piercing - 7, 2 rook piercing - 4, 3 tragus piercing - 6, 5 Question 2 - You're such a pretty girl (thanks mom), why did you have to go and do that? Answer - It makes me feel beautiful. For instance, for as long as I can remember, I've hated my stomach. I have a deep belly button when magazines and all the pretty girls have cute little shallow belly buttons. I don't have a perfectly flat stomach...I'm still rather thin, but I'm not about to be praised for my flat belly. My navel piercing gave me something to love about my stomach. My ear piercings are a little on the unusual side as well. I find my ear piercings incredibly beautiful. I would never have endured pain of that sort if the end result wouldn't be clearly worth it. Question 3 - What about when you want to get a job? Easy answer - I'm an anthropolgy major. Enough said. Longer answer - I'll probably wind up working in business with applied anthropology. No employer should ever see my naval piercing, so that's not an issue. As for my ear piercings, I'm a college kid. No one cares what my ears look like. By the time I'll be looking for a real job, these piercings will all be completely healed. I don't think that employers would have problems with my earrings. My previous employers didn't mind my tragus piercing. If an employer ever did have an issue with my piercings, I could wear my long hair down or I could take the simplest approach and take the earrings out. Question 4 - Are you rebelling against someone/something? Answer - Although I like that my ears are different than most everyone else, I don't need piercings to set me apart as different than everyone else. I know that I'm a unique and special person. Awww...the warm-fuzzy feelings overfloweth. My parents definitely raised me to have a strong sense of self worth and have continued to support me through every one of my endeavors. They don't like my piercings. But they love me and acknowledge my ability to make adult decisions. Yay for my parents! But as for my friends and acquaintenances, I've gotten mixed reviews from them as well...anyone important supports me, a few even really like the piercings, a couple of them think I've changed and am going to convert into some sadistic, masochistic freak. Not to that extreme, I'd wager, but I'd definitely say they think something is up. Ultimately something is up, my self-esteem. I get on a piercing high. I love looking at my ears and seeing a small collection of small hoops that I carefully debated the location of. I marvel at the precision of the placement and I think about where the next hole will go. For as I stated earlier, piercing is an addiction.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Oct. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Hank+Bangcock
Studio: Swank+Body+Modifications+at+Chicago+Tattoo+Company
Location: Chicago+%28Clark+and+Belmont%29

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