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Helix for me, too poor for more...

to be of the "ick" school of thought about piercing anything other than your ears. Hmm, things change with age. I met my current boyfriend, and before we were dating, I ventured out with him to Gauntlet in S.F. to get his nipple done. I had never been to a piercing studio before, and I have a fairly open mind. I waited in the waitng area, thinking that I'd might enjoy getting something done. So a few months later, my boyfriend and I went back, and I got what I could afford, my second hole above my first ear piercing. See, I work less than part time and I get paid practically nothing, and I've found that anything other than ears gets to be pricey, so, I guess I'll just work on an ear project until I can finally get a "real" job and get lots more! So a year or more passes and the boyfriend has a P.A. and and ampallang, he's looking for more genital piercings, and a new barbell. We've seen Anne's name around here, and we researched a little and contacted her. It never hurts to do a little research before getting any tattoos or piercing done. [PSA over with] She was very nice, and we both decided to drive down to get new jewelry for him, and a helix for me. We go up into her studio, and I'm trying to decide on the jewelry I'm going to use. Then a 16g circular barbell catches my eye, so that's what I choose. So I'm nervous as hell, and sit on her table. Her bedside manner is very comforting, and so I'm relaxing, trying not to look like a ninny. I was very conscious that my threshold for pain is minscule, and praying that I wouldn't flinch. I have heard that whenever you get your cartillage pierced, you always hear a 'crunching' noise. So that's all that ran through my mind as she prepped my ear. As I breathed, slowly, trying desperately not to hold my breath, she slid the needle through my left ear, No 'crunching' and barely any pain, but then she was messing with something near my head, and then it started hurting a little and I was thinking that it was taking forever. So being the pessimist that I am, I thought that something was wrong, well I thought wrong, some things take a little time. So I lay there for a bit and talk with Anne and my guy, and then it was time to go, Anne took a picture of my ear, and with it burning a little, I went home. I live with my folks, I'm embarrassed about that, 23 and I live at home. The limits to my self-expression are set. But I push those limits as much as possible. Purple hair was supposed to get me kicked out a long time ago, been there, so I figure I can go a little further. But the pops likes to make smart-ass comments. At the news of my boyfriends' genital piercings (first a P.A. that's now a apadravya, and a ampallang) he made several comments. My Mom surprisingly liked my helix, and wanted me to keep the one in. She thought it was 'cute'. I like symmetry, I couldn't stand being uneven with one ear done and the other naked. So, my birthday present to myself this year was to go back to her and have her do a helix in my left ear. Only wierd thing was, I didn't feel it. We were chatting about this and that, and she put the needle through. I really couldn't believe that I didn't feel anything. Only, I'm feeling it now. I had an incident at work, where I answer the phone all day, and in an angry moment, I accidentally slammed the phone against my ear. Now it's swollen and sore. Next time dipshit, be more aware of the healing jewelry in your head! So now me and the guy are planning 3 year anniversary commemorative nipple pierces. I believe that a new piercing should mark the passing of important celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, or that final 10 pounds you've been meaning to loose. But I surprise myself, I keep thinking back to about 3 years ago, when the thought of getting my nipples pierced was too painful and out of the question. I've come to the belief that as an artist, I can spread some creative forms to my body as well as to a piece of canvas. So off to design my tattoo I go... I'm also going to add to my ear project, and then a septum, outer labia, maybe tounge, and who knows where else! Then come the tatts... The moral of this story is....never say "ick" until you've tried it, er and all of my money (if I had some) would got to support my growing pierc/tatt habit.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Oct. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Anne+Greenblatt
Studio: Piercing+Exquisite
Location: S.F.+Bay+Area

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