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Don't go to the mall

parents wanna be cool. Most of us know that joy that parents decide to put us through by piercing our ears when we can't even hold still for needles. some people envy kids like me, because when they are 16 they're still not allowed to get a basic lobe piercing. Such wasn't the case with me. My parents decided it would be cool to get my ears pierced when I was 4. At first I thought it sounded wonderful, be the first of my friend to have metal in their ears. then I realized it required a gun to put it in. Too late. Off I went to the mall with my dad. My dad, mind you, not even my mom. I didn't even want it done at that point, but my dad had made the trip and wasn't turning back, so I didn't really have a choice. So the lady prepped me (I was so traumatized I still remember it) and bam! into my right ear it went. And I jumped. But it was over. The left ear went much smoother, and then I left. It wasn't till later I found out I had nickel allergies, and by jumping I had made the right hole screwed up. At first there really wasn't much of a problem. It swelled and went down, but my right ear turned out to take much longer to heal than my left. My dad of course didn't know why, he didn't have the slightest clue what was wrong. Mom was a little pissed, but it wasn't my dad who had done the piercing, so what could she say? Once it healed, it was fine as long as I had in gold earrings and kept them really clean. Then I decided I was tired of wearing the earrings. I took them out, since my mom hardly wore hers, thinking it was no big deal. Well, from that time on, I couldn't wear earrings. The right ear was constantly infected when an earring was in it. I wanted to just wear one earring, but I wasn't allowed because it would look silly on someone my age (or so I was told). Everytime I turned around the damn ear was infected. By the time I was 6, I wore earrings maybe one day a month. Eventually the hole closed and I got over it. Then, when I was 13, I got bit by the piercing bug again. Back to the mall. For some reason I was really really nervous, even though I'd had it done before. I think I was more afraid of messing it up again than anything else. I went to Claire's, thinking it was safe (it was a spontaneous decision that didn't require me looking into anything)and told them I wanted my ears pierced. The girl who sat me down and said she'd do the piercing helped me pick out the post I wanted, and she had like, 17 rings in her ears, so I thought she would be experienced enough. I told her about the crooked piercing, she said she could see it had been done wrong and she was going to make it straight. Out came the alcohol and my ears were cleaned. She made the dots, asked it I liked the placement. It was fine with me, so she prepped the gun asked if I was ready (I was clinging to my best friend's hand at this point). I said that I was, and she laughed and told me to calm down, it wasn't that bad, and bam! bam! all done. I was given the cleaning solution, told to clean it twice a day and to wear the earrings for at least six weeks so that the holes wouldn't close. I said okay and left. After six weeks, I was ready for a new hoop to replace the studs in my ear. The right ear was still slightly irratated, but by that time I was over the fact that that ear was so sensitive. I went to change my earrings, but once the front was in, I couldn't get it through the back. Well, she kindly made a new hole in the front, but went halfway through the old hole in the back. Everytime I changed earrings I'd get the wrong hole and I'd find myself trying to force the post through the part that the skin had grown over, irratating it worse. It would take two people besides me to get the stupid earrings in. Finally my ear was so red and sore all of the time that I had to take them out and let the holes close again. I've been wanting more piercings since. My mom made a rule that anything I do must be on my ears. I gave up on my lobes, since all that remans is a lump of scar tissue in my right ear. I wanted something interesting, not the boring old cart piercing. The usual piercings bugged me too, since I didn't want to fall into trends. I searched high and low on BME to find the right thing. I finally decided on an idustrial, tentatively planned for Christmas break. I'll let you know how that one goes.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Oct. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: I+dunno
Studio: Mall
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