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Tranverse Lobe with a Difference

l years ago I began to stretch my left earlobe. After about 3 years I achieved a stretch of 2 1/2 inches. I was well chuffed. Then about a few months ago a asshole stuck his finger through my ear, lost his balance and ripped it to shit. It Hurt, eh. After the inital healing of the tear, I was left with a thin flap of skin joining my once proud lobe. Bummer. The process of what the fuk to do begun. Fully seperate the ear, cut it and stitch it back together, cut it and cauterize it back together, or just lopp the fukr off where it was. Decisions, decisions. Over the next two or so months we decided to split the ear completely and using a slight twist on the original idea, perform a transverse lobe piercing to join tthe two sections together. The piercing was performed by Karl from Pucture Body Piercing, and what a sexy man he is too. Luv ya big guy. The date was set, the jewelry organized and the chocolate bought. For the 3 hours proceeding the piercing I was bouncing off fukn walls. talk about adrenalin. We had the piercing booked for about 3.30-4.00 pm, so as a friend of mine could capture the event for posterity and hopefully some shots for all yall to sees. The time had come, Karl was ready, I was pacing up and down the store freakn the fuk out. Adrenalin, mmmhhh. Through two hand fulls of chocolate coated sultanas, sugar good, down my throat and assumed the position. After I had satisfyed Karl I got ready to be pierceds. My friend Prudy got ready with the camera, while her boyfriend Jay, stood there and tried to look cool. It worked big guys. The ear was prepped and it was decided to join the ear at three points. At the bottom using a simple ball closure, 14g from memory, and two barbells, 18mm in the middle, and 20 at the top. Cool. The clamps were applied and the camera started to click, and I went to another dimension. the energy exchange of having a very close friend in the room with you cannot be ignored. The room was electric. First we did the bottom hole, for th b/c ring, so as to hold the ear together for the placement of the other holes. It was quick and painless, but I was surprised at how much blood was released. Considering the size of the flap of skin, there was a hell of a lot of blood, eh. The feeling when the ring went through and joined my ear back together again was one that I will never ever forget. Better than sex, eh. We then did the top hole, which was an easy pierce but again a lot of blood, I hope that theses photos turn so I can show yall. Kinda felt this one, but it was more rush than anything else. My mind was focussed on some distant place, drawing energy and power from those around me. With the barbell in I had a look at it in the mirror and it looked fukn grouse. This shit is cool, eh. Focus was then re-established so that we could gwt the last holes done and the barbell inserted. I am still not quite sure what Jay said, but my concerntration was broken for a second, and fuk did that last holes hurt. Shit. I have been pierced several times before and have never once felt anything bar a little discomfort. Bugger. The barbell was slid through and the proceedure was done. Fukn A. I tried to stand up but felt kinda light headed, (loss of blood or too much chocolate I'm not sure which), so I decided to sit it out for a while and stare at the wicked piece of work that was now my ear. I am still not sure whether you could call it a transverse lobe piercing, but it is about the only thing that we could come up with besides ear pinning, and laddering. The barbells, now that the swelling has gone down, look like rungs of a ladder suspended inside my ear. Now that this is complete we will cotinue you plan my next body mod exercise, arm pocketing. If there is anyone out there who can help shed light on the proceedures, aftercare, jewllery, etc. it would be greatly appreciated. PeAcE OuT GrEg I would just like to thank: Karl for his time, effort, and his ability to put up with my bullshit. Prudy for being there and taking the photos. Your energy was greatly appreciated. Jay for just being a fukn cool person. Youll get yours youngun, and I will be there to see you suffer.roflacp


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Oct. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Karl
Studio: Puncture
Location: Brisbane%2C+Australia

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