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the upper sadhu experience

at an experience it was! I had originally planned on getting my nape pierced but on my trip to KY, I decided to forget my previous plan and get something else. The reason for this was because I still had to return home to work and I knew that the nape piercing would be a no-no with my employer, and besides I wasn't completely sold on the nape but Doug was a friend so I agreed to let him do it. Still wanting to get something done I racked my brain trying to think of other options. I had come up with the idea that I wanted to get a cartliage piercing done, so I figured that I would let Doug look at my ears and see what he thought would look good. We played around with the notion of doing the tragus but I wanted something else, something a little different. Doug said that he had just done a pair of "sadhu's" and they turned out really good and he also mentioned that my ears looked like they would sport them well. I wasn't sure exactly what it was so I asked just what the fuck a "sadhu" was and he told me and I had remembered hearing of it before but had never seen anyone with one. This was the selling point for me I agreed to have it done and we retired to the room to get started. Once inside we agreed on some music and started to talk a little. I was a little nervous since I had never had a cartilage piercing before, my lobes are stretched to half inch but no other ear piercings until this time! Doug got me to relax with some deep breaths and began to look for any veins with an examination flashlight. Afer that he started to mark the spots for placement. When he was done he had me check them out in the mirror and I was quite pleased! By this time I was getting really excited about my soon to be newly aquired piercing and couldn't wait to get on with it. We were all set to go and he had me close my eyes and take some really deep and slow breaths. After about 1 minute of that he asked if I was ready to go?, I said yes and e told me to get 3 more breaths in and then we would go! One, two, three, "HOLY FUCK" a whole motherload of pain hit my ear and my body. He asked me if I was alright and said that it was about half way through and we get through in just one more second. "One more second!!" I thought to myself it has already been like five, then pop it was through. Whew it sure did hurt but it was all good! HE put the 12 gauge barbell through and threaded on the ball. Onto the next one! I ook a few more breaths and assured Doug that I was okay. Once again he told me to take 3 deep slow breaths and ow!! It was that time again. This one went through a little quicker and I was quite relieved by that. Once the jewlery was in place and he cleaned me up I took a look in the mirror and was pleasently surprised with the results! They looked so awesome! We disscused healing and aftercare and I was on my way. I have had no problems with them since I have had them and they are just about completely healed. Sleeping was a little uncofortable for awhile but Now is unafected. I thought that I might run into issues with discomfort and pain because I wear glasses and they lay right next to the jewlery but there has been no issues at this time. Actually one time in the shower while I was cleaning them I felt a warm sticky sensation on the back of my neck and when I touched it I realized that it was blood! I almost started to geek but realized that I had taken an asprin earlier for a headache, and that made the blood thin. They get pretty crusty so you have to make sure that you keep them clean, I used Bactine about four times a day and dial soap about twice a day. I have had a wonderful time showing them to people who ask and they look so good, I would recommend this piercing to anyone who has even slightly considered it! Check the cartliage pics for exact location and appearance. I have plans to get those tragi now and also some inner conches or "lower sadhu's". I have recently gotten my nipples pierced and that was quite the fun also, but I will save that for the nipple experiences. Doug is an excellent piercer for having such a young age! I would reccomend that everyone and their mother got to him! Thank you for your time and go get those "sadhu's".


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Oct. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Studio: Needles+Inc.
Location: louisville%2C+KY

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