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Anti-Tragus Anticipation

recieving one of my many new piercings, my piercer and I were standing around discussing other piercings I wanted. Well since I am interested in different and unique piercings, I asked him about my anti-tragus (wasn't sure of the name of it at the time just liked the location and the fact that noone in my town or that I knew had it pierced). He told me that he had never performed that piercing before but was sure he could do it. I wasn't sure that day if I wanted to go through with it or not. I was just trying to figure out where I wanted all of my piercings. So after much thinking and surfing sites on the web I decided I wanted it done.

A few weeks later I made the  appointment and awaited the day. We set the appointment for seven that night  and I made my way to his place. First off that night I got my tongue gauged up  to a ten. Then Mark asked me if I still wanted to do my anti-tragus. Since I  did want it done and he was my piercer off course I said yes. But then I had  to make the decision of which ear I wanted it put it. I had thought about  putting it in the same ear as my tragus so that I could make an anti-tragus  and tragus orbital but changed my mind. I figured I could get my anti-tragus  done on my right ear if I wanted to do that later. So I chose my left ear,  told him and sat down on his stool while he got ready. He told me I better lay  down so that he could get to it easier so I layed down on his piercing table  and waited patiently as he checked for the size and everything he had to do to  pierce it. Since it was his first time doing an anti-tragus it took longer  than usual preparing for it. He told me he thought it was gonna be a major  b**ch to pierce. I was gettting more and more nervous by the moment. Laying  there staring at the ceiling thinking about how painful this piercing was  gonna be wasn't helping me in keeping the decision of getting it done. I was  almost ready to tell him I had changed my mind when he asked me if I was  ready. I had felt the little prick of the needle but I still thought he was  still checking stuff he had to do, so it freaked me out when he asked. So I  gritted my teeth, glasped my hands together and told him yeah. He made me  inhale and exhale a few times and proceeded to stick the needle in my ear. He  eased it in carefully keeping it straight and I barely felt a thing. In no  time the needle was through. Just imagine lying there expecting this piercing  to be the most painful one you have yet recieved and then finding out it wasnt  half as bad as getttin your septum done or some other painful thing pierced. I  was so amazed and halfway dissappointed at the weakness in the pain. 

Now came the blood, and there was lots of it. It took a good 10 minutes,  possibly more, for my ear to stop bleeding before he even got the ball on the  ring. After it was all in and the blood had stopped I finally got to view it.  Mark had been ranting about it after he had gotten the ring in and so off  course I was totally stoked. And he was absolutely right. IT WAS PERFECT!!

My anti-tragus piercing proved to be not as painful as I had thought/hoped  for but still a great experience. I was expecting majorly excrutiating pain  and it didn't hurt half as bad as I had thought. It was over in no time and I  loved the excellent job my piercer done. But I hadnt expected anything less,  he is a great artist and always does excellent work.

I have had it pierced for about two or three weeks now and it is doing good. It is not painful at all. Although I do have to position myself a certain way to sleep and it hurts majorly if it gets bumped. It swells up occasionally and then will go back down but it doesnt really hurt. I can barely tell I have a fourteen gauge piece of metal in it. Its all worth it though and I am extremely glad I didn't change my mind that night lying there. It will be healed pretty soon and I will have an awsome piercing that noone I know has!

Needless to say, I love my anti-tragus piercing and am very glad I deciced to get it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Mark
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