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NUBIAN PRINCESS--a white girl from CT suburbs???

ember looking up at my father with such pride, so much in awe. I thought my Dad was impenetrable...all due to a tiny, greened-over tattoo of a heart with my Mom's name scribed in a banner---with her name spelled wrong. I would make my Dad draw the same tattoo on my frail 5-year-old frame, and my face lit up every time he would crack open a new permanent marker. My parents thought it was just a fleeting phase in the mind of an inticed little girl...they were sadly mistaken... At the age of 10, I was piercing myself in school to catch a reaction from the other kids. Not only to show them that I held Veins of Steel, but also in a weird kind of way to gain acceptance for what I had always loved: modifying my body. I started drawing my first tattoo when I was 14, but the design changed many times as I grew each day towards my 18th birthday. Fortunately, I had a good friend who had been getting inked at a reputable shop, The Darkside, in CT. She hooked me up with her artist, Ant Plaza, who helped me brush up my final drawing and expertly inked that sucker into my skin. My tats have since been done by Eric Merrill, of Darkside, and i couldn't ask for a better artist and friend. I started stretching my ears after having taken an African Culture and History class when I was 15. I had been going to hardcore and metal shows for awhile, and constantly noticed stretched ears everywhere, not knowing what the drive or motivation was to do such a thing. But as I educated myself regarding the African cultures, specifically the Maasai of Kenya, I found out why. WHY I WOULD BE DOING IT, at least...Obviously my decision to alter my lobes didn't have anything to do with sheer asthetic value, because I didn't think they were a helluva lot attractive. However, as my belief systems grew stronger and stronger, there was no question. In the Maasai community, pretty much a matriarcal society, the larger your lobes are expresses the amount of power, health, strength, and respect you hold in the community. And I embraced any form of strength I could get. It's been a looooong road to get to my 1" lobes of today, though. It's not something to be taken lightly or do to just because of the current trends in our society. It hurts like a bitch, and the only way to get around the pain, I've found, is to have a good reason why you're doing it. I didn't think of my ears as being able to contain as much blood as they actually do. In the four years I've been stretching, I must've lost a few liters at least! My poor ears have seen blowouts, open sores, crusties, blood gushes...everything! But my journey has made me a stronger person. Nothing good is obtained unless a struggle is had, right?!?! I was too cheap to buy new plugs and tapers for each gauge graduation, so I became one of Home Depot's best customers. I would buy stainless steel rods and pins, take them home, and use my dad's old gun-cleaning equipment to smooth them out. Id's cut the rods with a Diamond-Cut saw, and buff and tumble my finished jewelry. Okay, so I didn't have the most sanitary of ears, but It made me feel good that I made my stretching devices with my own two hands. BAD STRETCHING EXPERIENCES: In an impatient effort to scalpel my own ears, I lost so much blood that I passed out. Big mistake...i learned to take my stretching slowly after that monstrosity... One time my ear swallowed up my O-Rings and they were stuck in my ear, I went to Jimmy Dillon up at Darkside, thinking, "No big deal, Jimmy'll fix em up and stop the ouchies"...I've never before seen such a look of worry come over Jimmy's face so instantly. He got the O's out and removed my plug, just to be struck by an uncontrollable ass-cheese smell emitting from the open sores inside my stretching. I must've cleared everyone from the entire shop. (yeah right, like their ears never get smelly?!?)Because my ear was so infected, and all open on the inside, he had no choice to but to replace my 7/8" steel flesh tunnel with a smaller, very upsetting, 1/2" plug. I felt like I had just lost a baby or something...where was my beautiful gauge that I had worked so hard to get up to? But all is well now... Ugh!!!ASS EAR is a BIG problem with stretching your ears...I've found the only way to clear up irritation and get RID of ASS EAR stench is by using purified tea-tree oil...(and extra virgin olive oil is great to keep wood plugs nice and fresh)... APATHY in our world today...the most volatile weapon against the pierced, stretched, and tattooed. I can't count how many times i've been pointed out as a "Satan Worshipper", or mothers telling their children to "Stay away from people like that"(namely, ME)... It's a shame, because the children of today will be the mothers and fathers of tomorrow. Things will never change, and accepting that is the hardest part of accepting your modifications... I've had boyfriends break up with me because of my ears and my tattoos...Once, i was ahem being intimate with a guy and my plug kept falling out because i had misplaced my O Rings...That really grossed him out, and he RAN---not WALKED---away! Since my stretching started, I have taken even more intensive classes of African Ritual, etc., I speak fluent Swahili, and have written extensive thesises regarding the works of Fakir. Stretching my ears has led to nothing but a wealth of knowledge and general love for myself and others. And most importantly, a mutual understanding and connection with my fellow members of our unique society.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Sept. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: myself+with+help+from+friends+at+Darkside
Studio: The+Darkside+Tattoo+%26+Body+Piercing
Location: East+Haven%2C+CT.

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