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Casper's helix

ere, Here is my latest piercing experience... last but not least! Once more I've got to explain my choice for this special helix piercing. I'm working sometimes at my father's office or in places where you've got to see some people, working in the communication business...when I'm not studying art history at university, and unfortunately, due to that, I can't get any facial piercings that is too much "eye keeping"! I also wanted something original, something in my ear but not the casual earlobe piercing. I first thought about getting my inner conch done but after wondering for a few days and asking my piercer I decided I'd better get my helix done because of my long hair and things like phoning or even stupid things such as putting some headphones to listen to music which I wouldn't be able to do with an inner conch piercing healing... but well, I wasn't disappointed at all waiting for my helix to be done. I took the appointment for yesterday evening and decided to go to the studio with a friend... which again was Tribal Touch... I arrived there a few minutes earlier and Crass, the piercer, helped me for the jewel choice, explaining the original price was including the piercing with a stainless steel ring but I really wanted a barbell in so I asked him for what I could do, he showed me micro bars and titanium straight barbells, I opted for a 14ga titanium one and he started sterilizing the jewel. As we entered the studio, once more, Crass started explaining to us ( my friend and I) how he was going to proceed and how everything he was using was sterile... While he was doing so, he also told us that in december we would be lucky to have a tribal convention in Strasbourg with a few metal bands playing on stage and kewl stuff performed such as perforations, suspensions... gotta say that kinda stuff doesn't happen much often outta here so it's a great event for us! I was ready to get it done and he was ready too, he put some marks where he was gonne pierce, just at the top of my ear (I was already thinking about getting a little spiked barbell when it would have healed), after cleaning it. Once more he asked if I was ready to go and I just say: Yes just go, I'm ok! He puts the clamps on took the needle and he pulled it through my ear... I was totally absorbed by his tats and the surface bars he had on his arms! i didn't felt much of a pain, he put the barbell in and the only thing I thought it was like was a burning sensation. We went out of the piercing room and I paid for my new hole and my new jewel. He gave me the usual aftercare instructions, told me how to clean it and how to care for a good healing. I took the papers, thanked him and we left the studio. Then we went to the pharmacy to buy some Septivon, the soap I've got to use for it, some Bacteomycine which is an antibiotic cream I've got to put on for 10 days... Luckily, coz I hadn't anymore money, I already had the Biseptine I had bought for my belly button, which is a spray I've got to put for 30 days approximately... the burning sensation then started to increase but I was still ok and I went back home to show it to my family. I cleaned the piercing before going to bed and I slept as i did every night before, but on the non-pierced ear. The only thinbg to consider before getting it done is if you're gonna be patient with your hair, if you've got long hair :))) I woke up today, it doesn' hurt, well, the burning sensation had stoped and it doesn't really hurt, it's just weird, I just feel it when I knock it if I forget I've got it. Now the next thing you maybe could help is finding where I'm gonna do my next piercing, or maybe tattoo... still wondering about getting a small tribal one just on the front of my hip... If anybody's got something like that e-mail me plz. Once more, I've gotta say anybody leaving in strasbourg and wanting whatever kind of piercing it is you should really try tribal Touch studio coz they're really doing a great job... maybe you can first visit their homepage at: http://www.tribaltouch.com Anybody wanna ask anything about piercing... or anybody into punk rock, ska or raving music... e-mail me or just message me on icq #4188155 See you later... Congratulations for your site, hope you'll continue like that!!! Elaine/Casper


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Sept. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Crass
Studio: Tribal+Touch
Location: Strasbourg+France

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