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yay for my daith!

a week ago, some of the boys that live on my floor in the dorm decided to go get their ears pierced, all for the first time. Already having 9 done, they came to ask me about it. I told them what i could, and made them promise to take me with them so i could watch. So on tuesday, when i had more homework than i knew what to do with, and was really stressed, they came over and told me they were going. I shouldn't have gone, but of course i did. I really had no intention to get anything done... but once i got there and saw all the jewelry and pictures of piercings, i didn't want to be the only one to go and come home unpierced! I decided to have my right rook done, so i filled out the paper work, paid and sat down and read all the packets of info they had given me. It was a place i had never gone before, so i took a peak around. It was incredibly clean, comfortable, and the people were really nice. I was getting more and more excited. We had to wait a while since we were walk-ins, but we got to sit there, see people go in, and then see them come out... all of them were happy to show us what they had had done. The first guy went in, and just got the rim of his ear done. The second one did the lobe and they both said it didn't hurt at all, they were pretty surprised. The last guy and i were called within a few minutes of eachother, about 10 minutes before they were going to close, so i didn't get to watch him. My piercer introduced himself as Derek, and lead me to a back room that was set up very much like a doctor's examining room. He told me everything he was doing...explained about what equipment was going to be reused (measuring tools and a needle recieving tube) and how they had been through the autoclave, how they were tested to ensure sterility and all that stuff. It was actually really interesting. So now he looked at my rook... alas, it was too little to pierce, he said he could do it, but it would be really likely to migrate. So i asked him what else my ear would lend itself to. He suggested a few things, told me what his favorite piercings were, and which ones he liked to do the best. Then he showed me pictures of all kinds of stuff he had done. I decided to get a curved barbell in my daith. (which happened to be his fave, and fave to do!) He measured me, marked me, and asked what size balls i wanted on the barbell. I chose small ones, he went and got my jewelry, and we were ready to go. He had me lay done on the table, and turn my head almost all the way to the right. He talked me throught evreything, telling me when he was lining everything up, then told me to breath, and told me when he was going to pierce me. I breath in and out, then in one more time, and then he did it as i exhaled. OUCH!!! it took three deep breaths, three pushes, and a lot of pain to get the needle through all that carilage!! none of my other piercing have hurt that much, not even my tragus! once the needle was in, it stopped hurting, but now came the hard part. He had a heck of a time lining the jewelry up with the needle so that it was sure to follow through the first time. He kept asking if i was comfortable. He didn't rush it. Once the jewelry was in, there was a lot less pressure on my ear, and it didn't hurt at all. Now to put the beads on. Again, he took his time, and was very gentle, so no more pain! Lastly, he cleaned my ear up, gave me some instructions specific to my daith piercing and again asked if i was ok. When he was done, he made sure i saw him put the neelde in the bio waste bin, and then told me to sit for a few seconds. But i felt fine, so i got up to go show the guys. They thought i had died (i came out about 40minutes after i went in) I signed my papers, thanked Derek and everyone there for staying late, showed them my ear, and told them i would definately be back!! The guys loved my ear... it freaked people at school out when i got back, and my boyfriend wants to see it. My parents don't know, but i think they'll like it! The only weird thing is that i can't see it easily, since it's really in my ear... but i love it!!! It doesn't hurt at all, and no one else on my campus has it done, and most of them have never seen it done before. I recomend this piercing to anyone, and i also recomend Body Work Productions! i won't go anywhere else now! good luck to everyone getting pierced... oh and i'm getting a tattoo soon, so i'lll put that story up as well when it's done :-)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Sept. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Derek
Studio: Body+Work+Productions
Location: Cleveland%2C+OH

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