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10ga conch

my friends have been getting tattoos lately. I'd love to get more, but hey, I'm a poor starving student. I figured that since I afford to get myself tattooed (decently at least), that I'd get another hole. Here's how it went. I currently have 11 ear piercings. I've been as high a 14, so I'm no stranger to it. I went to my trusty jerlry case and checked out what I had. I pulled out a 12ga BB and a 16ga CBR. I then headed down to the shop to make an appointment. When I got there, the piercer who'd be doing my piercing wasn't there, so the 'receptionist' couldn't tell me what jewlery I could be pierced with. One week later, I was at the shop, and waiting. I gave them both pieces of jewelry to get cleaned, but I really wanted the BB because they're easier to sleep on. Gretta called me in and she decided that since I've been pierced a bit, that it'd be ok to do the piercing with the big bad 'ol BB. I have to admit that at this point I was a little more excited than usual. I hadn't been pierced in over a year, so I'd pretty much forgotten what the big deal was about. I was also nervous about the size of the piercing since I'd never been pierced above 16 guage before (except for my nipple). I figured I was ready for it anyways. It's not like a tattoo...you can't really stop halfway and say "I can't handle this". At worst I figured it'd be 2 seconds. A veritable cake walk when compared to a two or three hour session under the gun. We quibble a bit over the position of the piercing. I don't want it to be the same as my other conch. Eventually we decide on a substantially more angular placement, which is going to work out just fine. Gretta then probes my ear with a fancy-schmancy flash light, checking for veins. I have one last look at the angle and she has me lie down. I'm trying to concentrate on breathing, until I see her take the needle out of the package. Holy shit did it look big. That threw me off a bit, but I got over it. We do a countdown from 4 with my breathing and she pushed the needle through. I normally keep my eyes closed when I'm getting pierced (a relaxation thing I guess), but this time I kept them wide open. I found it to be way, way better like that. I guess there's just more sensory input for your brain to deal with, so it doesn't hurt as much. As she pulls the jewelry through I feel a great relief. That's the fun thing about cartiledge piercing, the jewelry is smaller than the pierce (at least in my experience). That also means there will likely be bleeding. I bled a little (too much drinking the night before), but only for a couple of seconds. She then proceeded to show me the cartiledge, which was really neat. We sat around and chit chatted while she cleaned up, I paid and I was on my way. Now the whole reason I've written this is to comment on the fact that my piercing is still sore one week later. I'm not worrying about it, but none of my others have hurt this long. I'm going to attribute it to the guage of the piercing. I haven't been sleeping on it, and even if I had, the barbell is quite hidden. I've been cleaning it regularly, so I guess I'll have to try the soak. I've also noticed that so far it has been crusty free, which is wierd, because I've had my industrial for years, and it still gets crustified. No bleeding since the piercing or anything. It's generally been very well behaved aside from the occasional ache and/or pain. Insamsara is the greatest, I've had all my work done there. So if you're looking for a piercing in Vancouver, look them up for sure. They have two locations, and one is right downtown, and one is closer to UBC campus. They do tattoos at the one closer to UBC, although it's a different company I think. The shop name is Sacred Heart. The tattoos are stellar too. My next one will be from there. The people are generally very friendly, and they lack the attitude which seems to be so prevalent at piercing/tattoo places nowdays. Anyways, if anyone has any questions, or intelligent comments, feel free to email me, although it may take a while for me to get back to you because I didn't put my primary email address down.
Keep it unreal, Ian


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Gretta
Studio: Insamsara+Body+Art
Location: Vancouver

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