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PiNwhEEl'z TraGus anD CarTiLigE

the first time I ever saw someone with their tragus done was about 5 years ago. They weren't really popular back then, but I thought they were so kool. I forgot about it until earlier this year when my friend, Shelly, showed me hers. We agreed that the next time any of us wanted to get pierced, we would go together. I had some time and I finally saved up enough money (you wouldn't believe how hard it is for me to scrape up $120) and we were off. She went to get her belly button done again and I decided to get my tragus and cartilage done. The name of the place is Devils Workshop and my piercer was Kevin. Shelly and I waited in the waiting room while Kevin worked on someone else. The guys waiting for their tattoos and piercings before us were so obnoxious. They were loud and cursed a lot, which really doesn't bother me, but there was a woman waiting in the room with us with her 5 year old while her daughter got her tattoo done. The woman kept having to cover her son's ears. It was so messed up. Anyway, Kevin was finally done and asked which one wanted to go first. Shelly went because she knew what to expect (she had her belly button done before). I talked to one of the guys there who was getting his tongue done. He made it seem like he didn't really care, but he was shaking the whole time and his face was really red. By that time, his friends had left and they were going to come back for him and the other guy, so it was just me, him (his name was Dave by the way) and the woman and her son sitting in the waiting room. Shelly came out smiling and Kevin told me that it would take about a minute for the jewelry to be sterilized. I waited with Shelly and Dave. By then, the woman's daughter came out and showed everybody her tat. It was so kool (her name in Kanji) and very red. Kevin called me back and Dave came with Shelly and me. His room was really clean and it had some nice pictures on the wall. It was sorta like a cubical. He even had a green leather couch in there. I signed my life away (I'm supposed to be 18, but that didn't matter). He looked at my ears and told me they were really small, but my tragus was almost perfect to pierce. I still don't know what that means. He put on some gloves and looked at my ears, twisting them and shining some kind of light in them to make sure he didn't get any veins. He took of the gloves and put on a fresh pair and got the rings. He showed me which one he would put in each. He cleaned my tragus and cartilage and coated it with iodine. Then he asked me where I wanted them and marked them with a marker. He put on another pair of gloves and told me to lie down on my side so that he could pierce my tragus. I was facing Dave and Shelly and Kevin was making me laugh, so I felt really comfortable. He then clamped it and pierced it. It hurt a lot, but it wasn't anything that I couldn't handle. Getting the ring through was the hard part. He said it was like there was something in the middle of my tragus because it wouldn't go through for anything. After a lot of work, he got it though (Yippeeee!.. relief) He wiped away some blood and asked me to sit up. He asked me if I was okay and stifled a laugh. He said I looked like the Cheshire cat (I was grinning so hard). He asked me to tilt my head and then clamped my ear. He took the needle, pushed it through and put the ring on. The only hard part was the ball. He wiped away the blood and gave me a mirror. It looked so dope!!! I pay him and tip him $10. He gave me back $40 because I told him I'd be back for my eyebrows and my tongue. We stayed for Dave when he got his tongue done (his friends came back after he was done) and we made plans so that when I get my other piercings done, I'm gonna call him. ~~~Kool Beans~~~ If you want to get these done, I suggest it. My older brothers Angel is getting his right cartilage done next week and his twin Dust is getting his left one done. I guess so people can tell them apart. =). I totally in love my new piercings. I only get a few crusties, but I wash them off with peroxide and it's okay. They didn't even swell, but they're hella sore. Be warned... piercings are addictive. I can't wait to get more holes in my body. =P Email me if u have any questions, alrite. ~~~Love Pin WheeL


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Sept. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Kevin
Studio: Devils+Workshop
Location: n%2Fa

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