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Owwwwww.This one hurt.

. I am here to tell you all about my new holes. 3 days ago I got my tragus pierced. Actually I got the tragus on each side pierced but I have no idea what the plural of tragus is. I decided to get these pierced after seeing pictures of a tragus piercing here on bme. I work at a music store that for some reason does not allow body piercing. They are not to fond of my nostril piercing so I have to be careful about I get pierced. When I saw the tragus I knew I had to get it done. It just so happens that the day I made that decision I got some scholarship money. With money and a goal I called up a friend of mine and we headed for my trusty piercing shop. If you live in or around OKC, Oklahoma I recommend going to 23rd St. Body Piercing. I have never had a bad experience there. Their piercers are knowlegable and sanitary. They also have the largest selection of body jewelry in Oklahoma.Ok,now onto the piercing story. When I arrived at the piercing store I was terribly nervous. I always work myself up before getting pierced because im afraid something will go wrong. Well, I walked inside and told them what I wanted. I picked out my jewelry( not a big decision, my options were an 18 gauge cbr with either a silver or black bead)and the guy ran over the aftercare,( wash with provon, sea salt soaks,etc). Then after a small wait I was called back. I went to the same piercing room all of my piercings have been done in. They have several rooms at the store but I always end up in the same one. Its very clean and similiar to a doctors office.I hopped up on the table thing while my friend stood in the corner. My piercer told me it would take him a few minutes to get everything ready so I sat and watched him(I do not believe he ever told me his name).He began by laying all of the required items on a sanitary sheet.He was wearing gloves and he opened all of the packages carefully. After he set everything out he changed gloves and asked me to look straight ahead while he marked my tragus with a toothpick dipped in purple dye. I went over to the mirror and everything looked even so we were set. He changed his gloves again and asked me to lie down. I was told to turn my head as far to the right as possible so my left ear would be accesible. The piercer held the needle over my poor tragus and asked me to breathe in and then breathe out slowly. As I breathed out I heard a popping sound and felt a hot burst of pain shoot through my ear. It was the worst pain i have felt everduring a piercing. Normally I don't feel anything but pressure but this time it was terrible. I could feel the ring being pushed through and it stung quite a bit. But then that side was done. I turned my head to the other direction. The piercer changed his gloves and situated the needle. I breathed in and out and again the pop and pain. This time the pain wasnt as bad but it still wasnt fun.This time I didnt feel the ring go through but I did feel somthing flowing into my ear. The piercer stood up and grabbed some q-tips and a taper needle so I asked him what was wrong. He told me that the cartilage had moved and caused some bleeding and he was going to have to slip in a taper so I didnt have to be repierced.he apologized profusley for this but it wasnt his fault. He said its hard to pierce little girl ears with big man hands. Finally after some manuevering the ring was in. He cleaned out my ear and I was finished. I sat up and thanked he guy . He had a tough time with my ear but he was a great piercer. He explained everything to me and was really very good at handling the problem. I wish I knew his name. Its been three days since I was pierced and my ears still hurt but I expect them to for awhile. Sleeping is dificult because I am generally a side sleeper but Im beginning to adjust. I clean them every morning and it hurts but its neccesary. I love how my little rings look and I think it was worth the pain. There is a small problem with the right side. The hole is slightly lower down on that side and the ring touches the part of my ear underneath the piercing. This causes the ring to stick out to the side sometimes which looks a little funny. I discovered that i have to turn the ring so the bead isnt straight down but slightly to the front and this keeps it from poking out silly like. I will try to post a picture soon.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Sept. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Studio: 23rd+St+Body+Piercing
Location: Oklahoma+City%2COklahoma

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