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ears, navel, cartlidge, nipple, tattoos @ 14

piercings and tattoos, like totally! I have so many artistic ideas that I was to do to my body. Well, it all started when I was 1 year old. My mom had my ears pierced for the very first time. (Awe, how damn cute!!!) Then, when I was 10 I wanted my ears pierced for the second time so...I talked them into that. Unfortunatly, they got infected so I had to take them out. Then, for my 12th birthday I had my 2nd holes put back in!!! Then, three months later, I was starting to get obsessed with my piercings!!! So, I pierced a third hole in each ear, all by my little self. All I did was used a safety pin (very, very steril!!!) and stuck it through my ears. It was even, too. I pressed on my ears to stop a little blood flow so I wouldn't bleed a lot. Remember- this was the first time (at age 12) that I was piercing myself!!!) I succeeded and very nicely with my third hole in both ears! At the age of 12, I also had my cartlidge professionaly pierced with a gun. Needless to say, I have sensitive ears! It also got infected. OUCH!!! So, that one was taken out for about 2 years. Last night, I got bored you see. And I was in my room alone. I had just gotten out of the shower so I was clean. I washed my ear in alcohol A LOT and sterilized my hands and a regular diamond stud. No numbing or anything. Here I am, 14 years old, standing naked in my room with a stud, no needles involved. No clamps or anything. Just some alcohol and a stud. It was pretty clean, though. Well, I just held on to the cartlidge of my ear and rammed (literally) PUSHED, PUSHED, PUSHED the stuf straight through my cartlidge. It didn't even hurt at all. It bled a bit, though. I cleaned it up and put the back on it. It's not hurting at all now! It's just fine and dandy!!!On my birthday, in March, I went to a tattoo parlor (I really had to talk my mom into this one) and I had always wanted my bellybutton pierced. I just didn't really have the courage, money, age, or permission! I talked my way into it. I am mama's baby, I guess. She chose this one for me! She surprised me and took me to INK WELLS tat. parlor and paid for my 14th birthday present! She had my navel pierced for me! She also held my hand. I have a cute 18 gg silver hoop with a black bead. I can promise one thing- It did NOT hurt at all!! I didn't even need my mom's hand. I also branded a tattoo in neon green on my left inner ankle! It wasn't very steril, though. It's a "C" for something I can't really say but I inked it with neon green. I have cut it several times, burnt it, and needled it. I have to go over the inking soon, though! Now, I am about to brand a few more things and pierce my nipple!!! Yay!!! I am also piecing my friends ear, cartlidge, and nipple. :o) I have gotten my boyfriend into this stuff now. Hehe. He has a professional tattoo on his hand between his thumb and forefinger. It's a "J" in old-english and money green! Then in Japanese he has "Jonathan" all the way down his arm and on the other arm he has his last name in Japanese. Then, on his genitalia, he has a devil. Hehe, LOL. I am getting a swan. I am 14, though so I have to wait. He's a bit older. Well, that's my story! I hope you enjoyed. Email if you have any questions or anything or just want to talk! Now, this is the lil' part on how I felt before and after!!! None of these experiences really hurt. They are all minor pain or none at all. The thing that hurt the worste is the branding and burning on my ankle. That was the most pain. I was nervous and shaking when I did all of these experiences and it's a true adrenaline rush but I have done them all pretty steril and haven't gotten any major infections or pain from it. I have found a way to avoid some of the pain when I do the inking/burning/ and branding tattoos on the skin. You HAVE to go to a certain number of layers on the skin for it to be permanents. I always draw blood so naturally, it will hurt. Keep it clean! Alcohol and peroxide with burn but use it anyway because infections are much worse than that! On my branding and things, I started using a hot rag to soften the surface area. I also use ice and alcohol AND orabase (mouth numbing medicine) to help with pain. Take a pain killer (I have some perscribed for other things) but I take one because it's almost impossible to feel anything with those. They are great. Never pierce or brand, scar, or cut with alcohol in your body. It causes your blood to be thinner and it wont clot. So, that's a bad idea!!! Most tattoo parlors wont do anything if you have substances in your body. I feel good about all the art that I've done and I plan on doing more. I don't regret any of it and I love it all. I haven't had any infections or any unbearable pain! You'll live, just try something new!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Sept. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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