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My First Piercing Ever! (An Industrial)

15 year old gal and I've been wanting an industrial done for about a couple months now. Before I even asked my parents, I researched it to find out if there were any risks and how much it hurt. I then told my mom and dad I really wanted it done and showed them the stuff I came up with. They read it and my mom was a little hesitant at first but I let her think about it. She then said that because I was really responsible about it by researching it I could get it done. The next day she took me over to Cowboy's Tattoo Ranch in Malvern, PA which is a suburb of Philadelphia. We walked in and my mom starting freaking out because there were some guys in there that were well...um, "diffrent". Of course she brought along my six year old sister and she was having a ball looking at the hardcore piercing magazines! The piercist was running a little late but finally he walked in the door. He walked back into this little room and said he would be right with me. When he came back out he asked what I wanted to get pierced and I told him an Industrial. He said he remembered me from the other day when I called to see what their prices were. He ran back into the room and came out with a clipboard and pen. I had to fill out forms that said I didn't have any medical conditions, I wasn't afraid of needles or blood or alergic to anything. My mom and I also had to pull out ID's and we both had to sign the paper. I was a little nervous because this was the first piercing I have ever gotten besides normal lobe piercings and that isn't a big deal. He took me into the small room with a dentist's chair in it and sat me down. He first measured my ear and marked the piercings with a purple marker while making small talk with me. He told me his name was Jay and he was an apprentice to this guy for about 4 years and he's been piercing for a really long time. He said he started when he was really young. (He was about 25 or so from the look of him so it must have been REALLY young) Jay seemed like a pretty cool guy and made me feel very relaxed. He took needles out of these little sterilized bags and then took out the barbell and dipped them in goo. I'm guessing it was either a lubricant or sterilization stuff. He told me that I was going to breathe in and when I breathed out he would shove the needle through. I breathed in... I breathed out... and then the needle punched through the top part of my ear. It hurt a fair amount but I didn't cry or anything. It felt kinda like a nasty bee sting. He told me to breathe in and out again and he put the first part of the bar in. That hurt just a little. Breathe in...Breathe out...Jay did the second hole, removed the needle placed the rest of the barbell in and screwed on the ball. He then straightened out my ear a little because it was kind of scrunched up on the bar. I was led out to the front and given an aftercare sheet telling me to soak it in a sea salt solution and wash it with anti-bacterial soap and put Bactine on it. He also gave me his number in case I had any qusetions or something went wrong and explained to me what keliods were and how if one develops that there was nothing he or I could have done to prevent it and to place a really hot rag on it every nite. I thanked him, paid him ($60) and I was off! There was a mild burning sensation in my ear for about an hour and Jay said to ecpect this because it was my body's reaction to a foreign object in my ear. I ran to a nutrition store, bought the sea salt went home and soaked it. Let me tell ya...I tried out some REALLY interesting positons in order to soak my ear in that solution! It's been about 3 weeks since I got it done. The first few days weren't bad at all. My ear was just a little tender if I touched it and it was a little swollen. Now, I can push the bar in and out and have a little fun with it pain free. The only time it's sore now is after I sleep on it sometimes. (Even though I made sure to get it on the ear I don't sleep on normally, I found out I switch sides during the night sometimes!) This piercing is awesome and I'm the only person I know with it done, which makes it even cooler! I am looking into getting my tounge pierced...which I don't think will go over good with my parents and school...but o well! If you are looking into this piercing don't hestiate! Go and get it NOW! If you have any questions, feel free to E-Mail me!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Sept. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Jay
Studio: Cowboy%27s+Tattoo+Ranch
Location: Malvern%2C+PA

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