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Found A Third Cartilage Piercing AND Love!

Let me first just say that since April '99 when I first met Pete, my friends and I have really gotten into piercings. Everytime we go to the beach now we get something done! Currently I have 8 holes in my ears. Here is how it all started: One day my mom, my sister, her two friends, and I went to the beach just to hang out for the day. We were wandering the boardwalk of Seaside Heights when I saw this gorgeous guy outside of the piercing place, "The Corner." After seeing him I wanted to go inside and so we did. My sister, who is 15, wanted her navel pierced in the worst way so when we went in she went straight for the display case where the rings are kept. Her two friends followed and so I found this guy named Sherom who worked there and asked him about the hot guy. Turns out his name is Peter and he owns the place. By this time, I noticed he was staring at me so I went over and talked to him. Of course he asked me if I was going to get anything done. I wasn't planning on it but now that this perfect guy asked me too, I suddenly had the urge. Originally I wanted to get my nipples pierced but I knew my mom would kill me, so I asked about a third cartilage, since I already had two holes in each lobe and two cartilages. He said it'd be cool and so I signed up and told him to wait a sec b4 I get it pierced b/c I knew my sis wanted to also. My mom, who was at the case with my sister, said she could get her navel pierced so she decided to go in first. So in walked my sis, me, and her two friends into the back room. My sis hopped into the seat while Pete came in with the tools. Knowing that getting your navel pierced could be dangerous if done wrong, I had done my homework and asked Pete all about what he was going to do. Since I knew my stuff, we talked about it and he showed me what he was going to do to her as he went. Seeing needles in body parts freak me out so I told Pete to tell me when my sis was pierced b/c I DID NOT want to see a needle hanging out of her belly! Well he clamped her and she was surprisingly calm throughout the whole thing. The next thing I know Pete told me to look, and so I did, and there was the needle hanging there! I'll never forget that b/c I thought I'd puke right on her! But I was fine. Next it was time for me. I was a bit nervous with everyone in there, especially this guy who I was drooling all over, but I jumped on the seat. With my previous two cartilages it was done with a gun and hadn't hurt at all, but Pete was going to use a needle. I was fine with that but was very shaken. Seeing that I looked like I was going to cry,(even though I wasn't actually going to)he took the time to console me until I felt good about it. I asked him not to tell me when he's was going to do it, and he said ok. After prepping and marking the spot, we were talking and the next thing I know he did it. He did it so fast that it didn't feel any different than a gun and I loved the adrenaline rush. Needless to say that was in April and since then I have seen him all summer and we're dating! Later on in the summer I was having that "piercing urge" and asked him about getting something different. I wanted my nipples but that wouldn't fly with my mom so I asked about something in my ear. He mentioned an orbital and showed me a few he had done before. It looked cool, so me and a friend of mine said sure. I also decided I was going to have him stretch the second hole I already had and just measure and pierce a third hole for the orbital. I chose a 14 gauge stainless steel hoop with a cool silver metallic ball. My friend Jess was going to have the exact same procedure, but with a 12 gauge stainless steel hoop and a baby blue ball. I went in first because I was feeling very brave. I hopped right in the seat and my sis and her friend Jess came in and watched. He said it probably wouldn't hurt and I wasn't even nervous this time. He prepped the spot as usual and did it. Knowing I might be nervous because of last time, he kept asking me if I was ok since I was quiet. Surprisingly I felt nothing at all! It took an extra ten minutes though because he made sure the hoop was in tight and then he went and got the tools for Jess. She sat in the chair and looked a little nervous. Again, he prepped the spot and did it. However, Jess said when she got it done it hurt A LOT and usually she is better dealing with pain than me so I don't know what to think. I mean, I am THE biggest wuss out there! But I don't regret it at all I love it! The only time the piercing started to hurt was about two hours later, so I popped a few Advil one a day for about three days and after that it didn't hurt. I cleaned it everyday with Bactine rather than saline solution because I found that the Bactine actually numbs it which made it easy for me to turn the next day. It also produced a lot or crusties which went on for about everyday until the beginning of August. Other than that it was fine. Since then I have gotten the hoop taken out and had a 14 gauge sterling silver hoop that has a spike on each end put in. They put it in so that all you can see are the spikes coming up and the hoop is hidden in the back. And tomorrow actually I'm going to see my man and might pick up a barbell for it. It was one of the best things I could have done for myself and I love getting pierced! Next time, the nipples!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Sept. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Peter+Larosa
Studio: The+Corner
Location: Seaside+Heights

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