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a total of nine... and increasing

rted when i was 4 and started asking my mom everyday if i could get my ears pierced, of course she kept saying no. But being persistant finally got the best of her and told me to ask my dad. She assumed that he would go into a rage and refuse to let any daughter of his get holes in her ears.... i love daddys... he of course said yes and i went and got it done that day. went to the mall, got earings shot into my ears. Then a few years later, i decided that i had to have another set. So again, a little persistance, a quick trip to the mall and i had two sets. As most people know, piercings are addictive... i got a third set, also at a mall, but those grew back in because for a long time i didn't really wear any earings. After a while however, i got back into it. So when i was 18, i was in a mall and decided, i was to get my third holes done again!. I found a place that did them, showed my ID, singed some sheets and was ready to go. There was a guy there with his girl friend getting his ears done for the first time, so when he was done i got my third set redone. On my little piercing high, i decided i wanted more!! So a week later, i went to the same place got my carilage done in my left ear. While i was looking at earrings, a girl from my math class at college came in to get the same thing done, so we split a set of earings. (we had never talked before, but we still do, just because of that!)My cartilage got mad at me because i changed it after about two weeks, but then i just left the ring in, and now it's fine. Just having 7 was ok for a little while, but one day, i decided i wanted to do something a little different. While on spring break, i was walkind on venice beach, and saw some cool stuff, so i got inspired. When i got back to my good old conservative little town in Ohio, i started looking stuff up on the web. I came across BME and found that what i wanted was a tragus piercing and a rook piercing. I looked up body piercing places around my house, told my mom i was going to go get my ears done, and drove to one the day before i got my wisdom teeth done. I figured if i was going to hurt, then at least i'd have some really good pain killers the next day! I wanted to get my rook and tragus done, but the lady said my rook was too little for the rings that they had, so i went for the helix. I was a little nervous, but the lady that did it was really nice. To do the tragus, she opend everything in front of me(with gloves on),and had me lay on my side facing away from her. she told me what she was doing, got it all cleaned and marked, then clamped. I think the actual piercing didn't hurt any more than the clamp. She told me to keep breathing, counted to three and pushed the needle through. There was a burning sensation, not bad, and a little pop at the end. The part that hurt the most was when she had to manuver the needle and my ear a little so that the tragus was the only thing that got pierced. After the ring was in, it felt really neat because i could feel it when i talked or smiled. She asked me if it had hurt, and was happy that i said no, because she wanted to get hers done! Then she had me lay on the other side so she could do the helix. She marked three places and had me pick the one i liked the best. Again, clean, clamp, little burn, pop, put in the ring, and i was good to go! She told me how to take care of them, and i went and bought some bacine. After a month, i've had no problems with them. They were a little sore for a few days, but the wisdom teeth meds took care of that, any my oral surgeon thought they were really neat, and had all the nurses come look at them. I love them, and i've had a lot of people comment that they've never seen anything like them, especially the tragus. Now i have to find a way to get my rook done, maybe another cartilage, and my other tragus done... i'm addicted, but i'm trying to keep them fairly conservative, since i'm at school working for an engineering degree, and excessive piercings seem to be frowned upon in big companies :-( i'll work around it though, because i have to have more! hopefully at the end of this month, i'll go get some more done when i get my tattoo...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Sept. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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