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wal-mart earlobe and cartliage piercings

irst off let me tell you a little about me... I'm sort of an opposite... I'm completely shy, but I love odd things such as piercings and tattoos, goth, vampires, witches, ect... I'm 16 years old from North Carolina, orriganlly FL. And I have 7 ear piercings all together so far... And i can't wait to get other piercings.. hehe... :o) i find piercings very sexy, depending on where they are... I think body piercings are a good way to show your personality... Piercings can be shown off it you want them too or hidden, which is very kewl!

I got my 1st earlobe piercings when I was 11 at some place in Coastland Place Mall in Naples, FL. It was one of those places where the piercing is free if you buy the earings...(how nice, eh?) Well my mom decided to let me get them pierced! Yay! It was my sisters anniversiry and she was w/ us...(I have 2 older sisters and 1 older brother... all way older) Well the guy pierced them. My left ear ended up becomming infected... but it finally healed and I still have them pierced... Actually I think I still have the actual piercing studs some where around here lol Ever since then I had always wanted my ears pierced again... I swear piercings are addictive! You just keep wanting more and more... but my parents being the good and devot Christians they are think piercings and other body mods are sinful and if god would have wanted a hole in your body he would have put it there l Although my mom has her lobes pierced... how hypocrytical! Anyways... When I was 12 I begged my mom to let my get my 2nd holes for my 13th bday, and after begging enough she let me! yay!! So now we are in NC and there isn't a mall in this town, yes poor pittiful me... so we had to go to Wal-mart... oh boy... Well we went to Wal-mart and walked to the jewerly counter and asked them how much it would be.. I think it was like $8 or something... anyways, they told my to sit on this stool so I did and they took a marker and put a dot on my ear where they though the rings should be and asked me if it looked ok and I said sure, whatever... and then they took the piercing gun and pierced them. I was so happy! No infections! After getting my ears done twice I thought I'd be happy w/ just that, but like I said piercings are addictive... So guess what? I begged my mom for my 15th bday to let me get another hole in ear lobe...
We went back to Wal-mart sometime around my 15th bday and decided to get them pierced... It was a different person who pierced them this time... but that doesn't matter... l still had the same wobbly stool... great... and they pierced my ears again! Yay! So now I had 3 holes in each ear... My dad was very mad, because we didn't tell him that I was getting them pierced again, but he got over it... And they didn't get infected so I was happy. Well considering that I had got my ears pierced for 2 birthdays in a row I decided to see if my mom would let my get them pierced for my 16th b-day... I begged and begged and he answer was no... Finally after begging a bunch of times she decided that I could get them pierced... I decided to get my left cartliage. We went to mal-mart and they did the piercing the same as usual, and it was the same lady so I was happy... Although the carliage piercing hurt a little more than the lobes since it had to pass thru hard cartilage... It got a little infected for about a week, but alcohol and the stuff they game me helped out a lot... Anyways thats my piercings experiences so far... I really want to get my tounge pierced, but I have to be 18... And I'm trying to talk my mother into letting me get my belly button pierced... right now shes on maybe... which is pretty good for parents who don't like piercings, I guess.. but hopefull she will let me, maybe for my 17th bday, keep up the birthday piercing tradition lol I'm also thinking of maybe a small tattoo on my hip or lower back... I can't wait till I'm 18... hehe... My sister has her bellybutton done... but she is an adult... Although I still don't think its fair that she has it done and mom won't let me :oP hehe Anyways if anyonw has ne questions about normal ear piercings e-mail me :o)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Sept. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Wal-mart
Studio: Wal-mart
Location: NC

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