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Lindsey's Cool @$$ Industrial at 15

My name is Lindsey and I'm 15 years old.... when I was 4 my mom got my lobes pierced at the Piercing Pagoda in the mall. Until 7th grade that's all I had... now I'm a sophomore at AGHS and I just recently had my "new addition" put into my right ear to accompany my six other piercings and two 8 gauge plugs. Here's the deal: I went on a last-minute summer vacation trip with my best friend Crystal & her family to Roanoke VA & Ocean City, MD. Before we left, my mom gave me permission (it was incredible... she was SO against my piercing fetish and yet happily gave me permission to get my navel done in Ocean City) to get my bellybutton pierced & my friend's mom could sign for me. I wasn't really psyched about getting it done because it was so disgustingly trendy at my school, but since I had my mom's consent... I went for it. After our arrival in MD, Crystal and I walked up and down the boardwalk in search of a piercer that I liked. About every other shop did "Professional Body Piercing" but some weren't even licensed! :oP One store owner wouldn't even speak to me about piercing prices unless I had an ID that proved that I was of legal age! (18) I was ready to just blow off the whole thing when I went into a shop called "Moonstrike" and followed signs to the back of the store. There I met the piercer, Dan.... he had a wall full of pictures behind a glass case of CBRs and barbells that had shots of piercings that he had done there. I saw all kinds of weird sht in the photos.... I asked how much it would cost me to get my navel done. (He said he would do it for $45 including the CBR) But even as he was answering me, I spotted the most incredible picture! It was a shot of a teenaged male with a freshly done industrial & instantly I knew I had to have it. At first my friend's mom was a little hesitant about signing for it due to the fact that i only had permission to get my navel done, but she's known me for years and she's seen the mess of metal I have in my head and I guess she figured one more piercing there wouldn't hurt anybody. grin I 3 CRYSTAL'S MOM! After the paperwork was signed and I took it to the register, I was sooo nervous. The bill came to $52.50 and then I was sent to the back room to sit on a chair in front of a full-length mirror. Crystal, her dad, & her little brother Chase came back to watch, her mom didn't want to see me get stuck. Dan sized up my ear and marked the spots which would be stabbed and then OK'ed it with me. After we decided on what kind of angle he would put the barbell in, he wiped antibacterial gel on the area and told me to relax. He put on a pair of latex gloves & put a clamp on the topmost part of my ear. As he took a 14g needle out of the bag, he said (BAD move!) "As you might already know, this is one of the most painful piercings we do here.... I've seen grown men cry about this" THAT was the last thing I needed to hear. rolls eyes :oP I was like, "Yeah, thanks a bunch Dan..." he just smiled and moved right along. Crystal laughed. grrr :o) It was time to go... he told me to take a deep breath and then exhale HARD. As soon as I started to exhale, he pushed the needle right through. I was SO surprised! It didn't hurt at all! (Maybe it was just me... I've been piercing my own ears for a while now) He then did the same thing for the bottom hole & fitted the barbell through the two & screwed on the ball. He showed me how to clean it with a cotton swab and saline solution & then I was done! YAY He asked to take a picture of me & my newly pierced head to add to his wall of fame. Believe me, I was DEFINATELY smilin' :o) Anyways... the first day, I was feelin' no pain! grin The second day woo hoo! YEEE-OUCH! I think the only reason it hurt so bad was because I slept on it.... I dunno, it doesn't hurt at all now - - and I got it done only 6 days ago. For those of you that wanna get it done.... go for it! Good luck & Best wishes..... any questions feel free to email meeh! ([email protected]) 3 always ~Lindsey*~


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Sept. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Dan
Studio: Moonstrike
Location: The+Ocean+City+Boardwalk+in+Ocean+City%2C+MD

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