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Tragus..minus pain

years old from Melbourne, Australia and i just got my belly button peirced about 10months ago and i loved the feeling of it. So i decided to get something else done. I had only just thought about getting my tragus peirced for about a week when i asked my mum. Suprisingly she said i could get it done but i needed to discuss it with my dad. So i asked dad and he immediatly said no. He also said no to my belly button which i got done aswell. I had been asking mum to book it in but she kept putting it off so i would forget about it...but it didn't work! I went down to her work in the middle of school to see if she booked it in. She did for 3:30pm. I went back to school feeling as nervous as ever. Once school was over my boyfriends dad dropped me off at mums work. I had to wait there for about 20mins. We finally got down to the place and saw the guy. I asked him the obvious..'Have you done it before? Which he had luckily! How much does it hurt? He said it wouldn't be too bad..cause it is done fast. What can happen? It can get infected just like any other peircing. How much blood? There wasn't alot of blood..i could see it on his gloves My mum was tying to convince me not to get it done by telling me how much it would hurt and if it got infected i would be wasting my money. He chose out a 16 gauge ring, a little thinner than my belly button (which is now totally healed) I finally got the courage to do it. I didn't want anyone in with mewhen i got it done so i didn't have to see their face when it was done. I went into the little room. It was so clean and professional. He showed me the needle and ring and bead. He told me how he would do it. He would push it through from the outside then put the ring on the end. Then he told me to lie down. I was soooo nervous, my hands were sweaty and i was shaking. He got out the clamp and put it on my ear. Then he got the needle out and put it against my ear. I was soooo scared and said 'no don't!' and he stopped. He started moving the clamp around and it felt like he put the needle in. I asked him if he did and he said he isn't because i told him not to (which i thought was really good) He told me i didn't have to do it if i wasn't comfortable doing it. Or didnt want it done. But i had to do it cause everyone i told just said 'oh yeah you wouldn't get it done' I was soooo determied to prove them wrong. Then he just pushed it through. I had cotton in my ear so i couldn't hear clearly the sound of it, but i still heard a bit. It sounded like a rip...or the sound of a zip. It really hurt, but it was over quickly. It only really hurt when the needle was going through. I couldn't feel my feet for a while but i think that was because my feet were hanging off the edge of the table. Once he had the needle in i looked and saw the needle sticking through my ear. He had the ring and put it at the end of the needle and pulled the needle through...it kinda hurt a bit cause he was pulling it a bit. He got the ring through and he put the bead in it. Putting the bead in was annoying cause he had to put it between the ring then get these little things to squeeze it together...and it was really small which made it worse. And he had big hands! I was sooo glad it was over but i'm sooo happy i got it done now. It's now a day later and it's fine. I slept on it that night and i am now talking on the phone with it. It took longer for the pain to go on my belly button more than my tragus which i thought was strange because it's really thick and gristly. There is still a bit of blood when it moves but that is normal i guess. I am sooooo happy i've got it. I feel so different from everyone else which is really good because i'm not the same as every other sheep! Now i'm aiming for my tongue. I'll write to ya's if/when i get that done! :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Sept. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Tony
Studio: Diamond+Tip+Nails
Location: Melbourne%2C+Australia

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