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My MaNy PiErCiNgS (and my ability to use my shift key)

nce I was recently informed that this sight is no longer excepting crap I'm going to have to improve the quality of these experiences. My other oh-so-crappy ones are at http://www.bme.freeq.com/pierce/02-tongue/990818/tngmysel.html http://www.bme.freeq.com/pierce/03-nose/990819/nosanint.html http://www.bme.freeq.com/pierce/07-navel/990715/navhorr.html Check them out. Read them. Alright now on to the point (and you didn't think I had one, tsk tsk). I have pierced both my ears 9 times (total not each, I'm not a freak, well maybe....). I had the oh-so-basic lobe piercings when I was four. They used a gun and I ended up with these ugly little "gold" studs which I must have found attractive at the time. Don't judge, I was 4. My next piercing was the naval. Didn't hurt, still have it, if you really care click on the link above. The next pierce after that was my ear lobe above my pre-existing pierce. Being stupid I didn't use any kind of disenfectant or any kind of steralization, I just picked up a drapery pin and very slowly pushed it through my lobe while sitting on my bed. More time passes and I grow bored with the closed up holes in my ears and the dent in my naval. And so begins the addiction. I pierced my right cartilage and put a I'm so stupid gold ring through. Then I pierced the other cartilage and put yet another gold ring through. One of them got infected because of the lack of a sterile environment but the second was fine because I had found BME by and then and was fixing my putrid ways. I scanned about on BME for awhile trying to think of something decent to pierce. I saw a picture of a woman with a tragus piercing I didn't know it was called a tragus at the time of course. I feel instantly in love and decided I had to have both of mine pierced. I didn't really feel like persuading the parental units so I just did it myself. A boiled drapery pin, a lot of ice, some alcohol, and surgical lubricant were all involved. Some people will tell you that it's the most painful piercing because it goes through so much cartilage, it does hurt, but not that bad. I think that if I can handle it you can to. To make that past paragraph a lot smaller I will simply tell you that niether one of the piercings worked. I couldn't get the jewelry through the back. I have read about other people having that problem and if anyone can write me and tell me a way to avoid that from happening I would deeply appreciate it. I ended up piercing both traguses three times each with a variation of different jewelry and different needles. I couldn't get the jewelry through on any of them. I was sad and sore but I managed to survive. The next thing I pierced was my ankle. I don't have a story for that here yet, but I'm going to write one in the near future. That one didn't last very long because it kept hitting my pants (can you tell I'm not a shorts person?) and it wouldn't heal and it was just a general pain. I now have to absolutely gorgeous red perfectly circular scars on my ankle. They're better than the pierce ever could be. They look just like some rabid animal bit me. I'm planning some more planned scarrings to be done in the near future. Pain is always my friend 8^). After the interesting ankle I pierced my tongue web. Not painful (as dictated by the name of the experience) and it's now fully healed and pretty cool to play with while sitting on the bleachers in gym (they have a bit of a problem with me playing sports with my piercings in and my combat boots securly fastened to my feet 8^P). Once again I was bitten by the body mod bug and had to pierce. So I pierced my septum with a big sewing needle. It hurt, it burned, it's crusty, but it's easy to hide so I love it. I'm aware that the purpose of this particular experience is ear piercings so I'll get back to the point. I'm sorry to have to say this, but there's only one more piercing I get to tell you about......for now. And that was my helix. I did it in the shower with a needle and a circular earring. I was out of rubbing alcohol so I washed everything off them I wiped off the needle and ring with an acne pad that belongs to my sister. I know it was an incredibly stupid thing to do, and not to mention dangerous because I didn't know if there was anything that could hurt me on it. I would like to say that it's not infected at all and barely red. It's lovely, so I guess it was okay that I used a crappy disinfectant. In case anyone is interested the way that I reduce pain in all of my piercings is circular breathing. Slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth. Start by inhaling for 5 secongs then exhaling for 5 seconds. If you have the needle lined up to the skin ready to pierce and all you have to do is push it through, that's a good time to start the breathing (start it before then if you're getting it done by someone else). Then after you start to become euphoric through the breathing you just push it through and don't think about it. It makes things painless. For more piercing info my websight address is http://gateway.to/anotherdimension Sometimes that address doesn't work though so my other one is http://www.angelfire.com/va/goth/index.html Well, that's it. I'm done (finally). Now I think all that's left is my shameless plug. The music listened to during those piercing was Melissa Ethridge, Silverchair, KoRn, 98 Rock (a station), and of course the soundtrack to Velvet Goldmine (the best movie ever! Go rent it). Peace, Love, and Empathy to all Maleficent Twilight

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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