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The Piercer Gets Pierced

eone who has been piercing for approximately 5 years now, I've found that my experiences in getting pierced since I've been piercing have changed a bit from those before I began piercing. While my experiences now aren't necessarily any better or any worse, they are definitely different. I think having the "technical" knowledge about what is going on and being very familiar with the surroundings and equipment makes things a bit less unnerving. At the same time however, so much of my time is spent helping other people relax and work through the anxiety of their piercing that it's easy for me to lose focus on the fact that some piercings just plain hurt and sometimes they hurt a lot. On Friday, August 27th I decided to have a daith piercing done, for the third time. The first daith piercing (in my right ear)I had done was very pleasing to me aesthetically, but in the end was not healing at all well so I chose to remove it. Several months ago I had a daith piercing done in my left ear by a guest piercer at our studio. I removed the piercing a few days later because the placement was not quite right and it did not rest in my ear in a manner which was either comfortable or looked right. So, going into the third installment of this piercing, I was fully aware of how uncomfortable this piercing was going to be for me. I am always a bit jealous of those that I do daith piercings on who exclaim afterwards: "Wow, that didn't hurt that much at all." I'm always glad I am able to do the piercing in such a fashion that it isn't that uncomfortable, but at the same time I'm a bit envious knowing how uncomfortable the piercing is for me. I decided to have Jesika, an excellent piercer and my significant other, do the piercing. It was to be only her third daith piercing, but I had total faith in her abilities. In addition, being able to be pierced by someone whom you have an intimate relationship (on many different levels) is a wonderful experience in itself. I selected some Dead Can Dance to listen to for this occasion. I put it into the CD player and headed into the piercing room. Jesika had dimmed the lights which went very well with the music and her calming demeanor. I sat on the piercing table and awaited for the process to begin. Being pierced in the studio I work in is nice from the standpoint that I had no worries about the sterilization process or cleanliness of the procedure. The typical prepiercing steps occurred: clean the area, dry the area, mark the spot for the piercing to be done. Once Jesika was satisified with the placement, she handed me two hand mirrors so I could check for myself. It was at this point that I had her change the placement slightly so that the piercing would be a little closer to the opening of my ear canal. Having total faith in Jesika, I told her that if she felt comfortable with everything, I didn't think it was necessary for her to remark the piercing and have me check again. She had my blessing to continue as she saw fit from this point. Having had the piercing before, I knew that a 16ga, 7/16" ring would be a good size for my ear in terms of comfort for healing, cleaning and aesthetics. This time I decided to go with a black, high-polish niobium ring with a stainless steel bead. Jesika retrieved the jewelry and began opening packages and arranging everything for the piercing. It was at this point that I tried to relax as much as I could. As much as I focused on my breathing I still could not keep my heart rate from increasing a bit. I had that slight butterfly-like feeling in my stomach. I think it is always a good thing when piercers get into the piercing chair and are reminded of that anxiety/nervousness that accompanies the moments directly before a piercing. Once she was all set up, Jesika reclined the chair into a lying position, brought her setup tray close the piercing table and adjusted the lighting so she and I were both couple. Having not done a lot of daiths, she asked me to be patient with her as she lined everything up and made her self comfortable. Since I've been in those types of situations myself, I completely understand where she was coming from. I told her to take as much time as she needed to make sure she was comfortable with everything. As I felt her put a small needle receiving tube on the top of my daith I really began to focus on my breathing. Big breaths in through the nose nice and slowly, push them out slowly through my mouth. I tried to let the music invade my mind as much as possible. A bit of calm began to come over me, but I could still tell I was a bit nervous. Once Jesika was comfortable she had me take a big breath in and push it out. "Wow, this going to hurt" is what ran through my head. She told me to take another big breath in. "Here we go raced through my mind." Let it out....

I've come to the conclusion that daith piercings definitely hurt. While Jesika's was probably the fastest and the least painful of the three I've had done, it still hurt quite a bit. It is an incredible amount of pressure. Being so close to the jaw and side of the head, both my jaw and my temple throbbed quite a lot throughout the hole piercing and jewelry insertion. My temple ached for about 10 minutes afterwards. The jewelry insertion went quickly and smoothly. Once the jewelry was in there was definitely some relief. Jesika cleaned me up and let me take a look in the mirrors. I was definitely happy with the outcome. Jesika didn't think she was happy with it, but after we talked for a while it came to light that she was happy with it, but she didn't think it looked the way I wanted it to look. It did though. I was quite pleased! A few hugs and kisses later we emerged from the piercing room. I proudly showed off my new piercing to the rest of my coworkers. They were all quite impressed with it. It's nice to have your piercings appreciated by a talented group of piercers and other people who can offer up something more than: "Jesus, didn't that hurt!" Not to discourage anyone else from getting a daith, but one of my coworkers summed it well, I think: "It seems like it would feel like someone had a meat hook in that part of your ear and was trying to life you off the table with it." Not far from the truth, for me anyway. Jesika and I had been talking about doing daiths on each other for quite a while, so we decide to return to the piercing room and do hers. While I have done quite a few daiths and consider them to be one of my favorite piercings of all time and one of my favorites to do, I was still a bit nervous. I've found that anytime I am piercing another piercer there is a bit more "at stake" it seems and add to that someone who you care about and the "stakes are high." I'll save the details of the whole process, but both Jesika and I were quite pleased with the outcome. Her anatomy was a little more difficult to work with, but she now has a piercing which looks wonderful and should be problem-free healing. So far I have found the piercing to be incredibly comfortable. The piercing was done about 9 pm on Friday night and I was sleeping on it later that night and using the phone, without discomfort, the next day. Once this one is a bit more healed, I will probably have my other ear done. I am also considering trying to add a second daith piercing in my left ear. It seems as though my anatomy is good for it. We'll see.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Jesika+Bornsen
Studio: Body+Work+Productions%2C+Inc.
Location: Cleveland%2C+OH

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