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6 months of hemming and hawing, gazing at all the different sorts of ear piercings on BME and getting my timing right, I finally went in to get a 16 ga. helix piercing done. I had only gotten my lobes done when I was 16, and then had my upper cartilage done at a mall place with an ear gun (AHHHH!). My mom flipped out for some reason over that one, but being 18 there wasn't much she could do. She made comments after that one and this newest addition, I guess she sees piercing as a bad form of self expression. I wanted a way to mark this summer, because so much had happened to me and it being 1999 and all. I had been making a video all summer to sent to a Net friend, and decided filming my piercing and not telling him it was on there would be the ultimate. So, I booked an appointment at a place in Edmonton called Divine Decadence with a piercer named Justin. I had heard mixed things about them, but I had only ever known people to get their tongues done there, so I figured I was safe with my ear. We arrived 15 minutes early to clear the fact that I wanted it filmed, and then another piercer, Jessie, gave us the care and maintence pep talk. Out of the 4 people being pierced that day, I was the only one having anything slightly out of the norm done. The other 3 girls were getting their navels done, and when Jessie gave me separate instructions for my helix, they all looked at me like I was an alien. So I didn't want to go mainstream and have my bellybutton done. Is that a crime?? (no offense to all you midriff girls out there...it is still a neat piercing) Another reason I picked my helix was because my major in University was Genetics until this summer. It was a really hard decision for me, and I thought that still linking the helix piercing and the DNA helix with my choice change would make it easier. I went back into the piercing room with Justin, my piercer, and he had me sit on the dentist chair. The room was impeccably clean (quite different from the rest of the store. Divine sells a lot of raver clothes and club kid wear, and it a little dingy and dark) and he made sure that my friend who was filming got a good shot while not sacrificing sterility. He asked for my placement, marked it, and asked me again if that was right. I was pleased and anxious to get it on. :-) After throwing on a CD (Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers..the song was Scar Tissue..planned??) he went through a huge process of cleaning and made sure I saw where all the needles and piercing gear were coming from, and then started the piercing. He had me start to breathe, and counted me into the piercing. It happened really quickly, and in the video (which I have watched a few times) you can see the needle come through my cartilage, a drop of blood form then see the needle just sitting there, waiting to be mated with the jewellery. Justin talked me through it, telling me what he was doing because I wanted it that way. I was calm when it happened, even though my hands were soaked with sweat. The only real pain was when he had to twist the 16 ga. CBR shut. As compared to the piercing gun experience in the mall, it hurt a fraction as much and wasn't as shocking so I didn't feel as shaky afterwards. I guess there was some bleeding, and I could see it on his gloves, so he stuck a Q Tip under the jewellery to stop it. The footage we got shows a blood soaked Q Tip, but there was hardly any pain. He sat me up, had me take a look (I was VERY pleased with the final results) and then gave me a whole whack of brochures and instructions, another appointment to check up on it, and answered tons of questions..plus, was awesome on camera! The whole thing seemed to take about 5 minutes, but another friend waiting outside said it was more like 45 minutes. That is how seamless it felt. I asked Justin afterward if navels were the most popular, and he said it was actually a pretty good contest between navels and tongues. I almost asked to go in to see another piercing, but that would have been pretty nervewracking for the other girls, I think. Looking back, I wish I had never had my other normal cartilage done in a mall. It hurt too much, I had 2 infections afterwards, and could only lay on that side of my head 5 months after. I still have problems with it. Just a week after my genuine studio piercing, I am sleeping on my right ear, it is turning clean, despite all the blood that occured during the piercing and it looks great. I find myself tucking my hair behind my ear to show it off, and am wishing I was there to see my friends face when he gets the video. A helix may not be as on the edge as a rook or tragus, maybe, but it still gets glances and stares from more conservative people. All in all, it was a great experience and an awesome way to cap off my summer and my video. :-)

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Justin
Studio: Divine+Decadence
Location: Edmonton%2C+Alberta%2C+Canada

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