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Lots of ear piercings!!

my first ear piercing when I was six months old. I'm 15 now. My mom brought me. Some people think that's a little strange that I was so young when I got it done but I don't mind. I don't remember a thing so it's not like I'm traumatized or anything. And I'm glad I got it done then because otherwise I don't think I would have been "brave" enough to do it again. (and again and again and again)I went to get my second lobe piercing about three or four years ago. I got it with a gun in the mall. I was totally petrified becasue I had all these visions in my head that it would hurt sooooo bad, but it ended up being totally painless. I loved that way it looked. From the on I was hooked. I went and got my cartilage pierced about a year later, and was surprised again when that didn't hurt at all either. And so it when on and I got another lobe piecing about a year later than that. Then my cartilage got really infected and I had to take it out. I was really upset about that but my mom was really cool about it and said I could get it done again once it healed. So, I was off to the mall again to get it redone. By then I had three lobe piercings in each ear and one in my left cartilage. (All done with a gun.) Then on some trip we took to Canada for a week with the school me and two friends decided to pierce our ears ourselves. This was my favorite piercing experience. So before we left for the trip we packed all the necessary equipment needles for my friends, (I brought the sharp piercing earrings that I got my third holes done with), matches, alcohol, cleaning solution, etc. And the first night of the trip we got ice from the ice machine and set upon the task of piercing. We used the matches to burn the needles, but we were really afraid that the smoke from them would set off the smoke detector in the hotel room so while one of us burned the stuff and put it in alchol the others would fan the smoke detector and spray perfume at it. I took like forever to numb our ears, and then piercing was another story. I didn't realize how hard I would have to push the needle to get through, but I was very determined to get it through since we had told like everyone that we were going to be doing it. After pushing forever they were both finally pierced. It actually didn't hurt at all which I was very surpirsed about 'cause I kept pushing it through and making it crooked and pulling it out and starting it again. I think my friends had the hardest time though because they had to get the big safted pin through then take that out and put the earring through the fresh hole, which I expect must have been painful. When it was all done we were very pleased with the new addition to our collections. Everyone was very impressed the next day when we told them we had done it ourselves. I was kind of afraid that my mom would be pissed that I had done it without her permission, but she wasn't. She's usually pretty cool about ear piercings, and she tells me all the time she really doesn't care how many piercings I have in my ears. That's all the piercings I have now all though in two and a half weeks I'll be getting my navel done and I'll be sure to send in a story and a picture. After that hopefully my mom will allow me to get my tragus done! If she does I'll send in an experience of that. If anyone is afraid of piecings I think that it would be smart to start out with an ear piercing first. It's totally painless. Although I wouldn't recomend getting your cartilage done with a gun 'cause I hear that if you get cartilage done with a gun there is a chance that you could shatter it. The place I'm going to get my navel done at doesn't use guns on anything. Note even lobe piercings. So, if you have any questions or comments feel free to e-mail me. Thanx P.S. I also want to say that I think people should get piercings for themselves not for the fact that they may be really cool and in style. I've wanted my navel pierced for three years now. When I first heard about it, it wasn't all that popular yet, or at least I didn't know it was. I get piercings to express myslef.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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